Wholesaling Real Estate in Georgia


Georgia’s economic development over the last decade has been one of the nation’s great tales of economic recovery and opportunity. To start with, though, is wholesaling real estate legal in Georgia?


Wholesale Laws

Georgia’s laws around property wholesaling make a lot of room for movement when you match investors to property sellers, but only if you are transparent and prepared to follow through.

You can market your services as a wholesaler as such, provided you do not market the property, just the contract services you offer. You also need to follow the three basic rules for wholesaling under Georgia law:

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Proof of Finance

You need the funds to complete the deal, even if your wholesaling structure does not involve directly holding the property, and you need to demonstrate having them if asked to do so by showing proof of finances or financing offers

Interest in Deal

You must represent your interest in the property transparently as a person with an equity interest in the contract being fulfilled unless you will acquire the property through a double close or wholetail deal structure

Georgia Wholesaling Laws

You need to be prepared to close every deal you offer to stay on the fair side of Georgia wholesaling laws, and that means buying it yourself if you have no buyer and no other exit plans because simply abandoning the contract could get you in trouble under the wrong circumstances

What to Look for?

Best Market Conditions for Wholesaling Houses
in Georgia

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Identify Potential of Areas

If you are looking to identify areas that are not currently on the tip of every tongue so you can facilitate the wholesale deals that heat up demand, there are a few indicators to check out. Knowing what to look for means being able to spot when an area has headed in that direction but has not arrived, but it also means being able to tell when the growth is slowing enough that you want to move on to higher-demand areas.

Check out housing demand, both for homeownership and for apartment tenancy

Look for signs of rapid economic development like the announcement of a renovation zone to bring in business or the relocation of a major employer to the area

Check out the news for other signs demand is about to rise, like positive reviews of local schools

Look for neighborhoods where demand has not yet spiked, but a few parties are buying multiple properties because these are probably investors speculating or planning developments

Pro Tip

Find a speculator with a lot of inventory and know-how to market your services to find buyers while staying within the law. You can create the demand for a particular neighborhood in a city with a general rise in housing needs by highlighting the availability of opportunity there.

Best Cities for

Wholesaling & Flipping Houses in GA

If you are looking to wholesale real estate in Georgia and you already have the tools to check out local leads, take a look at these rapidly developing municipalities around the state.
They represent the fastest-growing communities, whether they are small towns or cities with significant existing development.

That’s right, the city of Atlanta itself is hot for investment, and that means it is desirable for wholesaling opportunities. As you can see, its suburbs add significantly to its population.

The entire metro area is home to over 5.9 million people, and it makes up three of the top five regions in the state for growth this year.

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