Search off market properties

Elevate your offering with comprehensive real estate data

Property Lookup

Property Lookup

Return property information for any given USPS property address, including property characteristics, construction details, estimated value, and sales history.

Property Search

Property search

Retrieve information on multiple properties at once, which can be combined with other criteria to narrow results to particular regions or property criteria.

Property Profiles

Owner profiles

Return information on true property owners including their contact information, mailing address, and assets in their real estate portfolio.

Address Information

Address Information

Verify, normalize, geocode, or reverse geocode addresses to standardize with USPS and improve your search, registration, and checkout experiences.

Phone number verification

Phone number verification

Get phone number type, carrier info, and important status information like DNC and TCPA.


Marketing Lists

Configure specific search queries to automatically deliver large lists, support while-label data services, or update records in bulk.

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