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BatchLeads reduces reliance on referrals and oversold lead lists. We give you the data and tools you need to generate targeted leads, connect with property owners, and close more deals.

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Generate Property Leads

Uncover better opportunities

Develop targeted lists

Qualify leads

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Property and homeowner insights

With in-depth property data, including MLS information, and homeowner demographics and financials, our comprehensive database helps you generate targeted lead lists to fuel your sales and marketing campaigns.

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Quick Filters

Find ideal opportunities faster

Use Quick Filters to find motivated sellers, active buyers, and ideal borrowers with a single click or create custom filters to build property lists that meet your ideal criteria.

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Smart Search (Coming October 2022)

Automate list building

Once you’ve defined your ideal opportunity, put lead generation on autopilot with an intelligent search tool that monitors our database and notifies you when properties that meet your criteria are identified.

Lead Scoring

Prioritize outreach efforts

Assign scores to specific property and homeowner characteristics such as build year, property type, home equity, mortgage rate, and marital status. Then sort properties by lead score to help prioritize your marketing and sales efforts.

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Filter Real Estate Leads

My Lists

Build better lead lists

Our My Lists tool is a hub to manage, store, and update your leads and records in one place. Apply filters across all records or use list stacking to identify common characteristics that highlight potential opportunities. Build and launch targeted campaigns and automate regular touchpoints with clients and investors.

Filter Real Estate Leads

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