Why are people switching from Propstream to BatchLeads?

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Accurate Data

Anyone can provide data. With BatchLeads, you’re getting the most accurate on the market.

Real Estate Investor

The Whole Picture

Need demographic info? HD property photos? Right party contact information? BatchLeads is your only source for all three.

Marketing tools

Better Tools

Try integrating Propstream with your 3rd party tools or targeting real estate agents. Spoiler alert: you can’t.

I've tried Propstream and Propelio, and other services… so far BatchLeads is definitely the best.

Sheldon via Trustpilot
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Is BatchLeads’ data really more accurate than Propstream?

Let’s put it this way. BatchLeads has a method of verifying phone numbers in a way that Propstream doesn’t. BatchLeads receives data from our sister product, BatchDialer, so we can determine the accuracy of phone numbers. We also compile property data from more than a dozen sources and over 3,000 counties nationwide, so there’s really no comparison.

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But do you have MLS data?

Not only do we have MLS data, BatchLeads provides real-time data straight from MLS organizations across the country, with plans to cover most major markets by the end of 2023. That means your comps and lead lists are way more accurate.

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Does BatchLeads have better tools than Propstream?

Our customers certainly think so! We have most of the same tools (Smart Search, Comps, Driving for Dollars, mortgage data, a mobile app), but BatchLeads has all this:

  • Real Estate Agent Directory for building relationships with Realtors
  • Demographic information so you can target the best leads
  • Click-to-dial so you can talk to leads faster
  • Direct mail campaigns that you can “set and forget”
  • Lead scoring so you can identify the hottest leads
  • Virtual Driving for Dollars
  • Integrations with all your favorite apps
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Address Information

Is there anything BatchLeads doesn’t have?

Ok, we admit it. BatchLeads doesn’t have email marketing or landing pages (yet). But how can you be sure your emails aren’t going to spam? And can you track landing page visits? Reporting is the key to understanding ROI, and BatchLeads provides the dialing solutions and direct mail data you need to replicate successful marketing efforts.

Tried Propstream & Propelio and BatchLeads is hands down the best out of the three!

Scott via Trustpilot
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But Propstream is less expensive...

That’s exactly right! A Honda Civic is also less expensive than a Lamborghini. If you want Honda energy, by all means, buy a Honda.

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Phone number verification

I don’t want to give up my email campaigns and landing pages!

Ok, so there are two things Propstream has that BatchLeads doesn’t: email marketing and landing pages. When we tested Propstream’s email campaigns, all our emails went directly to spam. You may want to check your deliverability rates. And Propstream’s landing pages work great for your business if you don’t want to be taken seriously.


It’s easier for me to use...

We have great news! Propstream’s visual setup is very similar to BatchLeads. All the features are along the left hand side and it operates in a very similar way. Plus, we have these adorable little question mark help guides that tell you what a button or feature does without breaking your flow. AND we have a free BatchService Community, complete with challenges, masterclasses, webinars, educational videos, and a full knowledge base in case you get lost. Once you go Batch, you’ll never go back.


I’ve found them to have the most accurate skip tracing software on the market.

Rob via Trustpilot

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