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Build personalized lead lists

Comp properties accurately

Engage with property owners

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Property Insights

Target motivated sellers and buyers

The ultimate property intelligence platform for identifying sellers and cash buyers. With our highly-accurate data, you’ll spend more time closing deals.

Property data

Search and filter 300+ data points like MLS, demographic, cash buyer and equity data.

Interactive map

Draw your target search area and browse property details at a glance.

Cash Buyer Lists

Quickly pull lists of buyers in your area who are actively purchasing similar properties

Target motivated sellers and buyers​

 Lead Generation

Pinpoint the perfect opportunities

Focus your search and build unique lists faster with quick filters, customizable search options, and organizational tools that make targeting the right leads easy.

Organization tools

Maximize efficiency with intuitive list stacking and custom lead tagging and scoring.

Smart Search

Find buyers and sellers first with auto-populated lead lists.

Import and enhance

Remove duplicates and enrich your lead lists in seconds.

Pinpoint the perfect opportunities​
Identify right-party contacts​

Skip Tracing

Identify right-party contacts

The most accurate skip tracing data means you’ll reach the right person and spend more time talking to decision makers.

Premium data

Leverage data that's cleaned and verified with the most reliable sources.

Competitive pricing

Get blazing fast return speeds and only pay per match.

Contact insights

Maximize talk time with detailed phone number data like carrier, line type and reachability.

Identify right-party contacts​


Start winning conversations

BatchLeads makes first contact easy. With multiple ways to create and launch custom campaigns, engaging motivated sellers and buyers has never been more profitable.

Reach out

Maximize your reach with custom direct mail campaigns and in-app click-to-dial.

SMS messaging

Reach leads faster with in-app SMS and access to property info mid-conversation.

Start conversations

Launch calling campaigns and scale your business with the seamless BatchDialer integration.

Kick off winning conversations​

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