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The Difference Is Our Data

When you invest in real estate, data quality determines whether you make money or lose it. You shouldn’t have to worry about incorrect information leading you to bad investments. With our data, you can empower your business with in-depth property information you can trust.

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What makes our data special

We offer much more than basic property information. Our data provides investors with unmatched accuracy, coverage, and depth. We aggregate data from more than a dozen primary sources and verify it with proprietary research to deliver the information you need to make informed decisions.

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Data-driven marketing capabilities

Alongside game-changing real estate insights, we use our integrated marketing tools to clean and verify data in real-time. Our marketing suite and the seamless integration with our phone solution BatchDialer, work together to create a data verification feedback loop that ensures everyone has data they can rely on.

A detailed look at property owners

Our tools give investors the insights they need to identify motivated sellers in addition to discovering off-market properties. With exclusive access to property owner demographics and financial insights, investors can identify, qualify, and close real estate deals from a single platform.

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Industry-defining accuracy and reliability

Our true owner identity and right-party contact rates are nearly three times higher than the industry average. It’s how more than 10,000 real estate businesses are reducing their cost per qualified lead and connecting with the right person the first time they reach out.

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What is the price of inaccurate contact data?

Property owner contact information is the lifeblood of a high-volume real estate business. If you’re relying on second-rate skip tracing data, you’re losing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year calling incorrect numbers.


A recent study from RingLead concluded that a single bad record costs a business $100.

We rigorously verify our data

We’ve woven eight segment-specific algorithms into our database to lead the industry in right-party contact information return rates. We provide users with data that is twice as accurate as any other platform.

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Data that changes how real estate professionals work

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