Why are people switching from Privy to BatchLeads?

Technology and Services

Better Value

BatchLeads gives you all the features you need in a single platform so you don’t have to juggle multiple apps to achieve the same result.

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Better Data

Need nationwide MLS data? A directory of agents to partner with? Property distress factors? Demographic info? Only BatchLeads provides all four. 

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Contact Data & Marketing Tools

Try skip tracing, calling or marketing from Privy’s platform. Spoiler alert: you can’t.

Marketing tools

Is BatchLeads’ data better than Privy’s?

Let’s put it this way: BatchLeads has real-time data straight from MLS organizations across the country, with plans to cover most major markets by the end of 2023. So you can get the property info you need regardless of your market. We also have property distress and demographic data to help you identify property owners with the highest intent to buy or sell. Need cash buyers? We’ve got those too!

Marketing tools
Driving for dollars

But do you have off-market property info?

We sure do! In fact, it’s our bread and butter. BatchLeads was designed by real estate investors for real estate investors, so our off-market property and skip tracing data are second-to-none!

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Does BatchLeads have better tools than Privy?

Our customers certainly think so! While BatchLeads and Privy share some similar features, our customers especially love us for:

  • Industry-leading skip tracing with right-party contact information
  • Real Estate Agent directory so you can build partnerships with Realtors
  • Built-in dialer to level up your outreach efforts
  • Lead scoring so you can identify the hottest leads
  • In-depth demographic information to improve lead targeting
  • Intuitive canvassing with driving for dollars and virtual driving for dollars
  • Integrations with all your favorite apps
  • Automated direct mail campaigns
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Very extensive user interface, has everything you need. They even hook you up with a personal representative to help you.

Austin A via Trustpilot

I don’t want to give up my investor activity maps!

We get it. It’s really cool to see where other investors are finding success, but once you have that info, there’s not much you can do with it in Privy.

Property Lookup

It’s easier for me to use…

We love Privy’s interface too! But it’s sort of like owning a luxury car without an engine; it looks great, but it won’t take you anywhere.

Property Lookup

But everyone is talking about it…

Have you seen a single positive review of Privy? We certainly haven’t found any.

BatchLeads has so much more to offer than pulling lists. I realized I can eliminate some of the systems I use for my business because I can do it all in BatchLeads.

Gary C via Trustpilot

Is BatchLeads really a better value for my money?

BatchLeads Privy
Nationwide MLS Data
Real Estate Agent Directory
Skip Tracing
Owner Equity Data
Click to Dial
Demographic Data
Lead Scoring
Owner Portfolios
Direct Mail
Driving for Dollars
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