Market directly to ideal property owners

Unlock property and owner insights to target homeowners who need your expertise and service.

Property Contractors and Vendors

Build personalized lead lists

Identify property owners

Find new business first

The tools you need to win new clients

Identify the most promising leads​

Lead Generation

Identify the most promising leads

Discover which areas are worth canvassing. BatchLeads gives you the insights to identify properties and owners who are the best match for your services.

Property and owner data

Search and filter 300+ data points like property age, lot size, income, and construction details.

Mechanics liens

Avoid customers with a history of non-payment or unfulfilled agreements.

Interactive map

Draw your territory and browse property details at a glance.

Identify the most promising leads​

Enhanced Data

Get better insights

Canvass neighborhoods more efficiently with detailed property and owner data straight from our desktop and mobile apps.

Canvass smarter

Track canvassing routes, add properties to lead lists, and upload images, notes, and status updates.

Avoid renters & LLCs

Leverage contact data updated and verified daily to contact true property owners.

Go virtual

Harness the power of Google Street View to canvass from your computer and contact homeowners without knocking.

Get better owner insights​
Supercharge your contact lists​


Supercharge your contact lists

Upload existing lead lists and harness the power of property intelligence to enhance your data.

List analyzer

Identify property owners who need your services with our intuitive list analyzer.

Advanced filters

Pinpoint owners who can’t do repairs themselves with age and absentee owner filters.

Smart Search

Discover new opportunities first with auto-populated lead lists.

Supercharge your contact lists​


Making winning first impressions

Be the first on the scene and in the inbox with a suite of marketing and communication tools that help you reach customers before your competitors.

Skip tracing

Know that you’re contacting the right people with highly accurate skip tracing data.

SMS messaging

Make appointments faster with fully-compliant, in-app SMS messaging.

Start conversations

Push contacts to your CRM or BatchDialer for a seamless communication experience.

Making winning first impressions​

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