DealMachine helped you perfect driving for dollars. BatchLeads takes your lead generation to the next level.

Real estate professionals are switching to Batchleads so they can find leads, build and stack lists, and market to property owners from a single platform.

Why choose BatchLeads over DealMachine?

Technology and Services

Better Value

DealMachine makes you pay for the most basic services, like building lists and tracking routes, and still doesn’t give you all the tools BatchLeads does. Don’t believe us? Do the math.

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Better Data

Need reliable listing data? Demographic info? Right-party contact information? Sorry, DealMachine can’t provide that.

Marketing tools

Better Tools

Try using DealMachine to partner with real estate agents. Spoiler alert: you can’t.

Skip Tracing

Does BatchLeads have more accurate data than DealMachine?

BatchLeads has the best real estate listing coverage on the market. So not only is our data more accurate, we also have more data. If you look closely, there are some notable data points missing from DealMachine’s List Builder, including liens, bankruptcy, and demographics. Without this data, you could be overlooking millions of dollars in opportunities.

Skip Tracing
Driving for dollars

Is BatchLeads' virtual driving for dollars feature better than DealMachine's?

The short answer is yes. Not only does BatchLeads use the power of Google Maps for virtual driving, it allows you to tag properties and add them to lists. Plus, you don’t have to “virtually” stand directly in front of a property to see the details. Just hover over the location pin on a property to display the data.

Is BatchLeads really a better value for my money?

Most Reliable Listing Data
Real Estate Agent Search Directory
Demographic Data
Click to Dial
(Personal Plus)
Direct Mail Campaigns
Lead Scoring
(Personal Plus)
Skip Tracing$0.14$0.17

Compared to BatchLeads, DealMachine falls short when it comes to comprehensive, available data.
Mobile app

I don't want to give up my Driving for Dollars mobile app…

Great news! You don’t have to. BatchLeads mobile app includes driving for dollars. Plus, you can search and filter property leads, send SMS messages, organize lists, and more!

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But I love DealMachine’s masterclasses…

At BatchLeads, we believe education should be free for everyone. That’s why we offer free real estate mini-courses, masterclasses, challenges, webinars, and an investor community.

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I’ve found them to have the most accurate skip tracing software on the market.

Rob via Trustpilot

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