Wholesaling Real Estate in New York


Looking for a way to expand your real estate income in New York without having to take on additional investment projects that require a lot of oversight? Wholesaling is a great way to complement other investment activities because it is essentially matchmaking and does not require the capital resources you put into a flip. It does require some capital resources under specific deal structures, but it will not involve the extra expense involved in turning the property under normal conditions. So, before you take on the market, is wholesaling real estate legal in New York if you don’t have a real estate license? The short answer is yes, but you have to mind the state’s laws about how you move properties if you have no license.

New York

Wholesale Laws

Under the laws of this state, wholesalers are not allowed to market the properties as such without holding a real estate sales license. Only homeowners and licensed professionals may market properties open in New York, but wholesalers can market the assignment of an existing contract to buy.

That means you can market the current contract’s sale to investors looking for specific properties, provided you disclose your interest and adequately describe what you offer in the deal. You also have to make sure you do not run afoul of the state’s definition of brokering in how the deal is structured, which means you have to sell the rights to a contract instead of collecting a fee for bringing parties together.


What to Look for?

Best Market Conditions for Wholesaling Houses
in New York


Turnkey Housing

There are a few sure indicators that flippers are operating in volume in an area. If there are people who need turnkey housing, then there are investors making it happen. Not everyone can afford the time and energy it takes to buy a fixer-upper, after all.

So, what factors should you identify in your research as you pull together leads?

High housing demand, both for rentals and for first time home buyers

Relocation demand based on work opportunities due to recent economic development

State or city-curated investment and development projects like zones with reduced or suspended property taxes on commercial lots

The presence of investor activity, usually shown by multiple property purchases, each by numerous different purchasers in a neighborhood

Why BatchLeads?

Additionally, it might be possible to heat a neighborhood that is not taking off if property demand in the city is generally high. There are a lot of properties with potentially motivated sellers like absentee landlords in a single block or neighborhood. All it takes is finding the buyers looking elsewhere in town and connecting them to the wholesale real estate New York sellers you unearth when you follow up on the leads from your research with our software at BatchLeads.

Best Cities for

Wholesaling & Flipping Houses in NY

The cities growing fastest tend to be the ones with the highest property demand, although that is not always the case.
Cities with high neighborhood turnover for renewal development projects but limited or even negative growth are also great markets. Still, it is easier for beginners to find opportunities when people are coming to town and looking to buy. It means investors are also looking for deals and turning the properties those buyers need. Here are New York’s fastest-growing cities at the tail end of 2021:

Additionally, Utica and New Rochelle are growing steadily and might hold some promising leads.
They are smaller municipalities with a high percentage of growth, though, so they will not have anything like the lead density of New York City or even Buffalo.

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