Wholesaling Real Estate in California


Suppose you are looking for opportunities to profit from California’s real estate boom without having to compete against entrenched flipping interests in crucial areas directly. In that case, wholesaling might be your best approach. Instead of buying and turning properties, you should focus on matching sellers with buyers who see the profit in an area’s rising values. This essentially allows you to make a fee from the matchmaking, but it also requires a careful approach because of California’s strict real estate laws.


Wholesale Laws

For unlicensed wholesalers, state laws prohibit you from marketing the property. You can match buyers and sellers through private social networks and contacts, reaching out directly from leads.

You will need a state brokerage license in order to market properties on the MLS or list them on other public marketing channels. The advantages?

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Great Deals

Market your properties if you do decide to engage in flipping directly because you find a few great deals you have to buy up yourself

Opportunities to Profit

Increased opportunities to profit by acting as a broker outside of your investment activities

Pricing Research

Access to the MLS to do pricing research and to scan for newly listed deals you can act on quickly if you participate in other investment formats while wholesaling

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Play by the Rules

Whichever way you go, remember that the key when wholesaling houses in California is matching up both parties to the transaction well and quickly. Your margins on individual deals are low, but since you don’t have to buy or improve the properties, you can work on a lot more deals at once.

That means you can use this to add a little profit to your regular schedule without derailing your projects, or you can focus on moving properties quickly to get a high overall ROI for your costs of labor and lead research tools.

What to Look for?

Best Market Conditions for Wholesaling Houses
in California

Attraction for Inverstors

While California is not on the list of the top five states for wholesaling this year, it has been in recent years. The state's size and diverse markets across vast and varied geography is an upside for investors.

Consistent Demand

It means you can usually find a market to wholesale real estate in California even if the major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles slow down.

So, what should you look for when identifying an area that will
have solid wholesaling opportunities?

Rising housing demand, especially if it is growing faster than the average for the state or nation

Announcements about significant economic developments, corporations moving major facilities into the area that will attract job seekers, and renovation zones with property tax breaks

Active but not frenzied investor involvement in neighborhoods indicating that early investors have identified an area on the rise

Real Estate Market

All of these factors are easy to assess quickly when you have tools like BatchLeads at your disposal. Not only can you find these areas quickly and identify investors who might let go of properties at wholesale, but you can also assess the market for leads in other real estate investment areas. It's one tool that can power every approach you take to making money in California's real estate market.

Best Cities for

Wholesaling & Flipping Houses in ca

The major cities in California are all large enough and economically developed enough to have ongoing opportunities.
They also have a decade-long track record of increasing property values. In some areas, this value escalation might hamper wholesalers, but in the areas surrounding those maximized markets, there is still a lot of opportunities:

Keep an eye out for those key economic indicators to find more current and rising hot spots.

While you are at it,

reach out and make contact

Using BatchLeads to track down motivated sellers in those markets means getting in touch to set up service if you don’t already have it.

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