How to Create Property Lists and Skip Trace Homeowners

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Real estate investing is a great way to find opportunities for profit or cash flow, but finding the properties to make it happen is harder than it seems. At the core of real estate investing is the art of identifying and making deals. Sometimes the process is as straightforward as seeing a “for sale” sign and making an offer, but finding promising properties is often much more challenging than looking at what’s listed on the market. In this blog we’ll look at how enterprising investors target off-market properties and use tools like skip tracing to contact property owners before the competition.

How to Create an Off-Market Property List

Check out what records are available publicly in your municipality to start the process. Use the address or lot information to see what data is available. Property tax records are a great place to start. Also, see if you can access property assessments as well. Less apparent things like divorce decrees may also help you find houses that may be available soon. These resources can get you leads, even before someone decides to list a property for sale. Doing this keeps your efforts organized and focused, so you put your energy into worthy prospects.

How to Skip Trace a Property List

Now that you have a property list, it’s time to use it to contact the property owner. Skip tracing uses the information you have to find the information you don’t. Use the public records you have to find contact information for properties you’re interested in. See if any deeds or liens have a name attached with a new address. Do an online search and see if you can find people on social media. The ultimate goal is to uncover email addresses or phone numbers so you can move forward with striking a deal.

If the information isn’t publicly available or you don’t have time to track it down, a tool like BatchSkipTracing is a quick and cost-effective way to get contact information for property owners. Once you have created a property list, you simply submit the list on the website or import it via BatchLeads, pay the nominal fee, and Batch returns property owner contact information in near real time. Time is money when it comes to real estate investing, and a skip tracing provider is one of the most cost-effective ways an investor can free up more time to uncover and close deals.

Benefits of Using BatchLeads for Property Lists

Doing the searches yourself can be time-consuming, and you may not find everything you need. Getting a professional team involved can make this a lot easier. A company like BatchLeads streamlines the entire process for you. While managing other parts of your business, BatchLeads helps you track down the people you need to get in touch with to make your next deal. And unlike the results you may get from a web search, this information is carefully reviewed. Then you can use BatchLeads to effortlessly reach out with direct mail services or texting so you can easily connect with a distant property owner.

Key Takeaways

As a real estate investor, you want to take advantage of every opportunity. Try a skip trace if you’ve noticed a property you’re interested in but can’t find an owner. You’ll open up a new world of potential investments for yourself. Digging into public records or working with a professional will unearth contact information as well as lists of other properties that may be worth looking into. It takes some work, but you can get access to properties that won’t be on other investor’s radars. It’s a tremendous competitive edge to have in a constantly evolving market.
Test this method today with a 7-day free trial of BatchLeads and see if you can find a hidden real estate gem. Expanding the horizons of how you acquire properties will help you uncover more profitable deals.

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