How To Pull & Skip Trace Property Lists

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Real estate investing, renovations, high-priced sales, and big profits get all the attention. Those are the most accessible parts of the process for other people to see and understand. But what’s really at the core of the business is the art of finding and making deals. Sometimes the process is as straightforward as seeing a “for sale” sign and making an offer. But that’s not your only option to generate business. More enterprising investors seek opportunities, finding homes that aren’t even on the market. So how do you track down the owner of a property that isn’t up for sale yet?

What is Skip Tracing

If you come across a property that seems abandoned, skip tracing is an excellent way to find the homeowner. This process uses the information you have to find the information you don’t. For instance, you know the address when you’re looking at a neglected house you want to buy. That means you can start investigating to see who is connected to the home. And once you have names, you can start pulling more information and reach out. This is especially helpful when a property owner lives out of town since they’ll rarely be at the home for you to talk to them.

How to Pull a Property List

Check out what records are available publicly in your municipality to start the process. Use the address or lot information to see what data is out there. Property tax records are a great place to start. Also, see if you can access property assessments as well. Less apparent things like divorce decrees may also help you find houses that may be available soon. These resources can get you leads, even before someone decides to list property for sale. Doing this keeps your efforts organized and focused, so you put your energy into worthy prospects.

How To Skip Trace a Property List

Now that you have a property list, it’s time to use it to get closer to your remote homeowner. Use the public records you have to find contact information for properties you’re interested in. See if any deeds or liens have a name attached with a new address. Do an online search and see if you can find people on social media. You may find email addresses or even phone numbers. Now you can move forward with striking up a deal.

Benefits of Utilizing BatchLeads For Property Lists

Doing the searches yourself can be time-consuming, and you may not find everything you need. Getting a professional team involved can make this a lot easier. A company like BatchLeads streamlines the entire process for you. While managing other parts of your business, BatchLeads helps you track down the people you need to get in touch with to make your next deal. And unlike the results you may get from a web search, this information is carefully reviewed. Then you can use BatchLeads to effortlessly reach out with direct mail services or texting so you can easily connect with a distant property owner.

Key Takeaways

As a real estate investor, you want to take advantage of every opportunity. Try a skip trace if you’ve noticed a property you’re interested in but can’t find an owner. You’ll open up a new world of potential investments for yourself. Digging into public records or working with a professional will unearth contact information as well as lists of other properties that may be worth looking into. It takes some work, but you can get access to properties that won’t be on other people’s radars. It’s a tremendous competitive edge to have in a constantly evolving market.

Test this method today and see if you can find a hidden real estate gem. Expanding the horizons of how you acquire properties will keep you profitable for a long time.



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