Why are people switching from Lead Sherpa to BatchLeads?

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Better Data

BatchLeads provides hundreds of complimentary property insights, like mailing address, equity data, and demographics.

Phone number verification

Better Tools

Try building lists, calling property owners, or texting multiple phone numbers at once. Spoiler alert: You can’t.

Technology and Services

Better price

With SMS packages starting at $299/month and skip tracing starting at $0.10 per match, there’s no contest.

Marketing tools

How do BatchLeads’ SMS capabilities compare to Lead Sherpa?

BatchLeads keeps property and owner details side-by-side in your SMS inbox, so you can quickly and easily identify who you’re talking to and make an offer on the spot.

Marketing tools
Driving for dollars

Who offers better property insights: BatchLeads or Lead Sherpa?

Not only does BatchLeads provide in-depth property details, we provide hundreds more data points and distress factors than Lead Sherpa. Our advanced search capabilities allow you to build custom lists using dozens of filters or virtual driving for dollars, so you don’t have to bring your own.

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Does BatchLeads have better tools than Lead Sherpa?

Our customers certainly think so! While BatchLeads and Lead Sherpa both offer SMS and list-stacking, our customers especially love our:

  • In-depth property search and list building
  • Right party skip-tracing starting at $0.10 per match
  • Direct mail & SMS campaigns that you can “set and forget”
  • Lead scoring to help you identify the hottest leads
  • Virtual and mobile Driving for Dollars
  • Integrations with all your favorite apps
BATCHLEADS_Generate Leads_Quick Filters

After a rough experience with Lead Sherpa, I decided to transfer to BatchLeads. Our delivery rate went from 23% to +85%.

Avi O via Trustpilot

But I want to send more than 1,000 texts per day…

Lead Sherpa’s math doesn’t quite add up… While Lead Sherpa allows you to send 1,200 texts per day on their basic plan, they only give you 12,000 monthly prospects in your address book. That means you can only send up to 12,000 texts per month or pay more to upgrade. By comparison, BatchLeads allows you to send 1,000 texts per day or an average of about 30,000 texts per month.

TL;DR – Lead Sherpa doesn’t allow you to send more than 12,000 texts a month (400 texts a day) without paying an arm and a leg.

Skip Tracing

But I love Lead Sherpa’s skip tracing…

Not only is BatchLeads’ skip tracing the most accurate in the industry, it’s less expensive than Lead Sherpa. With BatchLeads, you’ll get right-party contact information so you don’t have to harass the homeowner’s “closest relative.”

Skip Tracing
Mobile app

I don’t want to integrate with third-party apps to buy phone numbers…

We get it. Integrations can be challenging. That’s why for no additional cost you can monitor phone number reputation, cool off flagged numbers, and buy area codes in any market. Too bad Lead Sherpa can’t say the same!

I can find leads, list stack, skip trace and put them into a text campaign to contact motivated sellers right away! This system is the KEY to success!

Ems T via Trustpilot

Is BatchLeads really a better value for my money?

BatchLeads Lead Sherpa
Price for Personal Plus/Core plan $299 $500
Skip Tracing $0.12 $0.15
MLS Data
List Building
Demographic Data
Click to Dial
Direct Mail
Driving for Dollars
Lead Scoring
Mobile App

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