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The Easiest Way to Find Free Real Estate Leads

Gavin Finch
Written by Gavin Finch 

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Real estate investors have a vested interest in getting leads at the lowest possible price, and for good reason. If they can minimize how much they spend on quality leads, they’re going to increase their ROI and make more money over time. However, what they usually find when they work with low-cost or free lead lists is that the information is outdated or incorrect.

The problem is that they’re looking for pre-made leads, which don’t exist in real estate or any other sales industry. Opportunities are constantly popping in and out of existence based on shifting financial and personal factors. If it was possible to buy a list of property owners who wanted to sell their homes, it would likely be outdated by the time you got it.

At its core, real estate investing isn’t about buying access to opportunities; it’s about finding data and information that makes deals easy to spot. Usually, investors pay a premium for this information, but there are ways to get valuable data for free if you’re just getting started. The best of these methods is our new off-market property search, and it’s a great way to kickstart your lead generation process and find free real estate leads.

What is BatchLeads’ off-market property search?

Our new off-market property search tool is a great way to start looking for leads without paying for a lead generation platform. It allows you to search for properties in your target market and even filter the results based on numerous categories, including financial distress factors. 

With this free tool alone, you can discover thousands of opportunities in your target market and learn more about individual properties, including square footage, year built, and much more. With the following search options, you’ll have numerous ways to find the leads you’re looking for.

Geographical search

The first step to generating free real estate leads is to find houses in your target real estate market. Our off-market search tool makes this easy by letting you search for properties in any state, city, county, and zip code you want.

BatchLeads’ off-market property search lets you quickly search for off-market properties across the U.S.

There are two ways to search. First, you can start with a map of the United States. From here, you can click on the state you want to search in and then select the city or county you’re most interested in exploring. You’ll have the option to choose from the state’s most popular cities or counties. Alternatively, you can choose from a list of all the cities and counties in the state. Once you select a location, you’ll see a selection of off-market properties.

The second option allows you to type the city, county, or zip code into a search bar at the top of the page. This option will skip the state page and will take you directly to a list of properties in your search area.

Property categories and distress factors

You can’t generate promising real estate leads without focusing on a specific area, so a geographical search option is great. However, distress factors are what separate a true lead list from a group of random addresses. 

This is why the state page includes a lot more than a list of cities and counties. You’ll also find a breakdown of how many properties are facing certain distress factors. From here, you can click on a category to quickly see a selection of the properties that are experiencing the distress factors you want to target.

The state page gives you a numerical breakdown of the properties that fit within each distress factor.

The graph above gives you another view into the number of off-market properties in your chosen state that fall into various categories.

Property profiles

Once you choose a location or a distress factor you want to learn more about, you’ll see a selection of the properties that match your search criteria. This page will give you several options. If you started with a location-based search, you can narrow your results further by choosing a property category or distress factor you want to explore.  

The results page shows you off-market properties that match your criteria, including what these properties look like. 

You can also scroll through the list and click on a property to learn more about it. This will present you with a property profile, which will show you the property’s estimated worth, its distress factors (if applicable), and a collection of information relevant to the property.

Inside the property profile, you’ll find a wealth of information that will help you evaluate an opportunity.

Inside the property profile, you can also find a list of related cities and similar properties. This is a great way to generate a list of opportunities without paying anything to find them. Once you have this information, you can go door-knocking or take your lead generation to the next level by starting a free BatchLeads trial.

Other free lead generation strategies

Our new off-market property search may be the fastest way to generate free leads, but it’s not the only option available to you. If you have a tight budget, you should consider adding the following strategies to your toolbelt as well.

Attend community events for real estate professionals

Local real estate events are filled with people looking to network and sell their deals. These events can be great places to generate leads or joint venture with other investors, especially if you have a well-developed cash buyers list.

These events are also a great way to learn about the industry and new trends in your market. If you’re new to the real estate scene, we highly recommend attending these events to learn from your peers and build your network. The knowledge and connections you’ll gain will be invaluable in the long term.

Driving for dollars

Driving for dollars is one of the oldest real estate lead generation tactics, and it’s completely free aside from what you pay at the pump. All you have to do is choose a neighborhood and then drive through it looking for houses that may be worth investing in.

It’s not going to help you generate motivated seller leads, including pre-foreclosures and absentee owners. However, it can be a great way to find off-market properties that wouldn’t show up on a distressed property search, such as damaged or neglected houses that don’t have financial distress factors.

Network with real estate professionals

Real estate agents and home service professionals are usually the first to know about someone who needs to sell off-market. Realtors may have real estate clients with expired listings. Home service professionals may know about elderly clients who need to sell. No matter who they’re working with, developing relationships with these real estate professionals is a great idea because they can provide you with a consistent flow of free real estate leads. 


There are several great ways to generate free real estate leads, but BatchLeads’ new off-market property search tool is the fastest and most efficient method. It’s also a great way to get a free overview of your target market and ditch the unreliable lead lists you’re used to, as long as you’re willing to dig into the property records. 

Of course, this method isn’t going to give you full property lists or hand you real estate seller leads. The only way to get a full lead list is to build it yourself. However, our new tool is a powerful way to get started.

If you’re ready to give it a go and see what you can accomplish when you have access to accurate data and an easy way to search for properties, click here to get started now!

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