How To Build A Successful Buyers List As A Wholesale


How To Build A Successful Buyers List As A Wholesale

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Would you believe that a smaller buyers list could be more successful than a massive one?

All too often, real estate pundits preach that buyer’s lists need to contain thousands of names. But this numbers game can be misleading. Think about the times that you have been placed on someone’s buyer’s list. Do you really click on those emails and read the mass messages that they are cranking out? Why would you think that your potential buyers will be more loyal and dedicated when it comes to reading your mass emails? For a higher level of success, it pays to invest more time cultivating a smaller list of quality buyers than sending out thousands of emails that will never be opened or read. And here is how you can accomplish that task.

All About Relationships

Relationships are the lifeblood of your real estate business. Creating a connection with a small group of the right people is going to set you apart from all of the competition and provide the results that you are really looking for. Instead of a massive buyer’s list, you will have a massive list of completed sales.

To forge a connection, you need to get to know the people you are working with as buyers. Find out:

  • Their investment strategy
  • Their goals on a per deal basis
  • Their rehab budget
  • The areas that they prefer to invest in

Then offer them what they are looking for in a deal. Make your services feel more customized than cookie-cutter, and buyers will respond. Forget the mass mail and only send your deal to the buyers who match the criteria. And you will see a massive increase in your success.

Don’t Be Junk Mail

How many emails do you open each day? And how many do you simply delete as junk or not worth your time? Think about your buyers now and how they will react to your emails. If they know that you send every deal you have to them, they are not very likely to read each one and decide if it meets their needs. However, if they know that you are selective and weed out the deals that won’t interest them, they are more likely to open and read each of your emails. Buyers will know that when they see your name, there is a potential deal out there that could be perfect for them rather than just some random offering.

Go For Quality

Your buyer’s list should include people that you know are interested in and motivated to buy. This will eliminate a lot of the names that bought once, like to shop around but never close the deal, or just people trolling for information. You want to get your properties in front of a large number of buyers, but only if they are legitimate buyers.

And with a smaller list of buyers, it is easier for you to get to know each one, their likes and dislikes, and begin to foster a long-term relationship. Think of yourself as the custom deal locator or seller. Invest time and energy in your presentation and then offer your great deal to the buyers who will be most interested and ready to jump on it.

Don’t get caught up in thinking that this numbers game is all about massive lists of buyers. You need to cultivate a quality list of legitimate buyers whom you know are primed to act. This added service from you and the quality deals that you bring to your buyers will definitely increase the most important number- your profit, not the number of names on your buyer’s list.



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