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Jesse Burrell: How He Went From Waiting Tables To Running Multiple Million Dollar Businesses

Jesse Burrell, also known as the “REI Data King,” is the CEO at BatchService. After working in the real estate industry for more than ten years and flipping over a thousand homes, Jesse, along with his partners, is running multiple seven-figure businesses today. But that wasn’t the case since the start. Jesse had his own set of ups and downs. Want to know about how he went from waiting tables to running multiple million-dollar businesses? Keep on reading.     

What Got Jesse Into Real Estate?  

It all started with a friend of Jesse who was then also waiting tables at a restaurant with him, and then she went to work for an investor. She talked to Jesse about how they were flipping homes and all the other stuff. At that time, Jesse was finishing up school, waiting tables, and also working at golf courses and real estate sounded cool to him. So when she told him that they’re hiring, he immediately said yes to the offer. And from there, it all started.       

“What got me into real estate was one of my friends. She was waiting tables with me at a restaurant, and she went and worked for an investor, and then she’d been crushing it.

She was talking about how they’re flipping all these homes, doing all these cool things. And I was finishing up school, waiting tables, working at golf courses, excuse me. And then she’s like, hey, we’re hiring for a new position, you know, do you want to come in? And I always thought real estate was sexy. I thought it was cool. So I was like, absolutely. And we went off and ran from there.” 

How Did He Get His First Real Estate Deal?

Once Jesse Burrell got his traditional real estate license, he stopped working with his first company and started to work as an individual. And after six months, he partnered with two friends of his, and then they began leveraging strategies like direct mails, door-to-door visits, and putting bandits signs. Fortunately, they got their first deal within 60 days, but through one of the friends, kind of word-of-mouth marketing. 

“So I got my real estate license. And then, that January, I stopped working for my first employer. 

So six months later, I partnered up with two friends of mine, and we started doing what everybody else was doing. We were doing direct mail and knocking on doors, and putting out various signs. And I think we got our first deal within our first 60 days. But that was actually a deal that we got from a friend.”  

What Made Him Start Batch Services? 

Here’s what Jesse Burrell told Accesswire, “one of my driving passions in this business is helping to create other millionaires.” And so, through tools like BatchLeads, BatchDialer, BatchSkipTracing, and BatchDriven, Jesse and his partners have provided real estate investors with all the necessary tools that can help them generate leads and grow their business.  

What Were Some of the Challenges in the Journey of Entrepreneurship? 

Since it was the first time and they wanted to grow fast, they took a lot of steps despite not being ready for it. Here’s what Jesse himself puts it, “The first year it was me, Danielle and Jared. We had big ambitions, and I would say having our systems and processes put into place for hiring people too quickly. We went from like the three of us to having seven employees very, very quickly. And I just don’t think we were ready for everything. Yeah, I mean, we made it work, and we were successful, but yeah. I mean, you don’t know what you don’t know when you’re starting.”  

The Golden Nugget: Advice For Anyone Running a Solo Team

Here’s what Jesse Burrell advises to anyone who’s starting as a solopreneur in the real estate industry-

  • Hire VAs for the tedious tasks to get done.
  • Focus on bringing consistent leads.
  • Never slow down the pipeline, and keep marketing. That’s how you’re gonna thrive. 

So this was Jesse Burrell, the REI King, and now if you’ve any questions or want to connect with him, follow him on Instagram

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