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How to make High Quality property videos.

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Videos have become the preferred way for most companies to communicate with consumers. And the wholesale real estate business is right there leading the pack. With so many wholesalers working virtually, this modern twist on a property walk-thru provides the visual confirmation that many investors need to make a deal.

According to HubSpot, 81% of all companies are using videos, resulting in a hefty 49% increase in revenue. Just take a moment to check out all of the video options on Youtube, and you will have no doubt that people love to watch videos of just about anything. The public wants to be entertained, gather new ideas, and learn from this form of media. And your property video can meet all of those basic desires and more when done correctly.

The Virtual Walk Thru

Many buyers want to see a property with their own eyes. But in the case of a virtual purchase, a video tour is the next best thing. It fosters a level of confidence and trust when you are willing to open up the property to a camera and virtually guide a potential buyer around to see both the perks and the drawbacks. Sadly, still images are too easy to manipulate and embellish. But a raw video lets buyers see the real property.

And as you conduct the tour, you are, in essence, chatting with each person who watched the tour. This is a virtual opportunity to create the beginning of a relationship and trust. Your personality and point of view will easily be conveyed to all viewers.

Ready To Get Started Filming?

It is essential to get some practice if you are new to the world of shooting a video. Review the video before uploading it to your website or emailing it to buyers. Your video needs to be professional to create a great first impression. Nothing is worse than making a viewer motion sick as you bound through a property at breakneck speed. The following few tips will help you successfully launch your video production journey.

  • Get approval to advertise first. There are legality concerns about filming someone else’s property. And you need to be sure that you have their permission and also that you are following any local rules or laws that pertain to shooting a video. It is an excellent idea to add a line to your standard contract that covers approval to create video and still advertising for all properties. This clause covers you on every deal and streamlines the amount of information that you need to discuss verbally. You have approval in writing and are always on the right side of the law.
  • Don’t waste money on fancy equipment. Cell phones offer an amazingly high-quality image these days. And there is no need to spend a great deal of time and money to purchase pro-quality video cameras. Just walk through the property at a casual pace and remember to move the camera slowly as you pan to provide a full view. Think of filming as a video conference with clients and speak as if you are showing that person the property. Point out important features like the open floorplan or the exceptional natural light. Be yourself and be honest to begin forging trust with viewers.
  • Set up a homepage. Set up a Youtube channel for all of your properties so that buyers can subscribe to view all of your latest properties. As you increase your video skills, your homepage will become an accurate representation of you and your brand.
  • Don’t mention changing numbers. You want to shoot one video and only one per property. So still to numbers and information that will not change. You can mention a price or the starting point that you are aiming to hit. But stay away from variable costs like reno budgets. Your video should be more of a visual hook to grab the buyers attention. You can discuss the numbers on a phone call or via email.
  • Show what sets you apart. Not only are you selling the property, but you are also selling yourself. Be personable and tell buyers why you are a great connection to have. Point out the added value and insight that you bring to the table. And above all, be honest and real.
  • Keep posting still images. You can’t please all the people all the time. And not everyone will want to watch a video. So cover your bases and provide still images for those old school buyers. Photos of architectural details like molding, fixtures, and floors show the value of the property and will help you get top dollar.

As you are walking through a property, pull out your phone and take a video of what you are looking at and looking for in the property. This will be a great guide when you begin to create a video for each property that you are selling. And as you start to post your videos, track your success and the increase that it brings to your business. If the numbers are not as high as you expected, ask a trusted colleague for tips to improve your videos and your bottom line.

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