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REIPro vs. BatchLeads: Which Platform Should You Choose?

Gavin Finch
Written by Gavin Finch 

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There are numerous real estate technology platforms that promise to help you generate leads and crush your real estate investing goals. REIPro and BatchLeads are two of the leading property intelligence platforms, but which one is the best option for your real estate business?

Join us as we compare both platforms and give you a breakdown of the benefits each one can offer your business

What is REIPro?

REIPro is a lead generation platform designed to help real estate professionals find leads and close deals. It has tools that let investors pull lists of distressed properties, identify promising opportunities, find property owner contact information, and send direct mail campaigns. 

One important differentiating factor is that REIPro is designed to help new investors learn real estate. It includes detailed walkthroughs of the investing process, contract templates, and other resources that show investors how to finalize real estate transactions. 

What is the difference between REIPro and BatchLeads?

Both platforms are designed for the same markets and purposes, but there are a few key differences in the features each one offers.

Property intelligence

While REIPro and BatchLeads both help investors generate leads, BatchLeads users have access to more data and deeper property insights (900 data points per property). 

REIPro gives users access to mortgage information, property value, and property features, but it is missing key demographic insights and high-definition property photos.

With high-definition property photos (when available) and demographic information available in BatchLeads, users can leverage property intelligence to easily drill down and create hyper-focused property lists. 

Demographic information available in BatchLeads includes:

  • Age and marital status
  • Financial insights
  • Pet ownership
  • Smoker vs. non-smoker
  • Family size
  • Investments, net worth, and discretionary income

While both platforms give investors valuable property information, the property intelligence in BatchLeads creates an easy buying experience by helping investors focus their efforts on properties that match their criteria. 

Marketing tools

Both platforms also include powerful marketing tools for starting conversations with homeowners. REIPro includes sequenced direct mail campaigns with several customizable postcard options and a built-in email marketing platform.

BatchLeads includes a fully compliant SMS platform for texting, BatchDialer integration for calling, and sequenced direct mail campaigns with customizable postcard and letter options.

Third-party integrations

Integrations are essential for any business looking to scale. REIPro and BatchLeads both integrate with various other platforms, including CRMs. However, while REIPro has API integrations, BatchLeads connects directly with third-party apps like Podio, Twilio, Plivo, and others.

Comping in BatchLeads and REIPro

Both REIPro and BatchLeads shine when it comes to comping. REIPro’s Deal Analyzer runs a financial analysis of various real estate investing scenarios so that users can make informed decisions. 

BatchLeads’ comping tool combines MLS data with a built-in value calculator to show users the value of nearby properties that are similar to the selected deal. With this information, the system calculates the value of the deal, taking the manual math and guesswork out of making an offer. Users have complete control over the comparable properties selected, and can include or exclude certain areas from their search by drawing a custom search area on the in-app map. 

Skip tracing

Both REIPro and BatchLeads offer skip tracing services to help investors find property owner contact information. However, skip tracing works very differently in each platform.

In REIPro, users purchase credits to skip trace. Each credit costs $0.50 and users pay 1 credit ($0.50) per skip tracing record. These records typically include 3 phone numbers and 3 email addresses. Users can pay 2 credits ($1.00) per record for a full report, which unlocks phone numbers, email addresses, and names of nearest relatives and their contact information.

Skip tracing in BatchLeads also returns phone numbers and email addresses, however, the price ranges from $0.10 to $0.14 per record depending on the user’s subscription plan. Users never pay for the same record twice and never pay for searches that don’t return results. 

Skip tracing in BatchLeads also reveals whether a number is mobile or landline, its reachability status, and if the number is on the national DNC list. BatchLeads also protects users by automatically removing anyone who has been involved in telecommunications lawsuits in the past. 

Does BatchLeads cost more than REIPro?

BatchLeads and REIPro both have three subscription tiers. Here’s how they compare:

BatchLeads cost

How do the plans compare?

REIPro Standard Plan

  • 1 user
  • Nationwide lead sources
  • Executable step system (workflow, comps, calculators, email marketing)
  • Direct mail engine
  • 2,500 monthly property exports

BatchLeads Base Plan

  • 100,000 contacts
  • $0.14 skip tracing per match
  • $0.65-$0.75 per letter
  • $0.42 – $0.46 per postcard
  • 1 user
  • 5 custom import fields
  • Zapier integration support

REIPro Standard PLUS Plan

  • Five users
  • 10,000 monthly property exports
  • 100 skip tracing credits/month
  • 25% off postcard printing

BatchLeads Performance Plan

  • 500,000 contacts
  • $0.12 skip tracing per match
  • Up to four users
  • 10 custom import fields

REIPro Team Plan

  • 10 users
  • 20,000 monthly property exports
  • Team administration

BatchLeads Performance+

  • 2,000,000 contacts
  • $0.10 skip tracing per match
  • Unlimited users
  • 15 custom import fields

Both platforms also offer optional add-ons, giving users the ability to customize their subscriptions to suit their business needs.

Should you choose REIPro or BatchLeads?

The best platform for your business depends on your needs. REIPro is built for lead generation and teaching investors the technical side of real estate investing. However, the detailed insights and investing tools BatchLeads offers make it a great choice for new and veteran investors alike. Whether you’re looking to start your business or scale it, the combination of property intelligence and real estate tools make investing simpler and more efficient. 

With access to demographic information, MLS data, built-in marketing tools, and competitively priced skip tracing, investors using BatchLeads land more deals faster. 

Want to see how BatchLeads fits in your business? Come give it a try with a free, 7-day trial and receive 5,000 complimentary property records to help you get started. Click here to start your trial today.

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