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Reimagining How Easy Roofing Lead Generation Can Be

Gavin Finch
Written by Gavin Finch 

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For years, generating roofing leads has been a manual, time-intensive process. Once a storm hits, you mobilize your sales team, travel to the affected area, and send your team to scour local neighborhoods, knocking on every possible door. It’s a slow, inefficient process. By the time your team is on-site and ready to help, many of your prospects already have a roofing company in mind.

This inefficiency has led to the popularity of lead websites that sell lists of roofing opportunities. The problem is that they sell the same unreliable leads to everyone. Even when the information you buy is accurate and current, you’re competing against a handful of other roofing contractors for the same jobs. 

These problems leave roofing businesses with a dilemma. Generating leads is a necessary part of finding jobs, but it’s also inefficient. You can knock on doors all day only to sign a few contracts. But to grow a roofing business, you need a lot of jobs, which means you’ll spend days beating the pavement and calling purchased lists.  

In response, many roofing businesses are turning to lead generation software to streamline the way they find opportunities. This method doesn’t rely on third-party data resellers and it will allow you to use door knocking as a marketing strategy instead of a lead generation guessing game. The best part is that it’s so simple everyone in your office or sales team can use it. In this blog, we’ll show you why it’s changing the way roofing service providers find jobs.

Lead generation software vs. purchasing lists

If you’ve been burned by purchasing “exclusive roofing leads”, you may be hesitant to use lead generation software. But generating your own leads and buying lead lists are not the same thing.

Lead vendors purchase prospect lists from data companies. Then they sell these lists as many times as possible to every company that will buy them. The result is a lot of roofing contractors fighting over a small pool of leads. 

In contrast, lead generation software lets businesses create unique lists by searching for properties in their service areas. By giving businesses the ability to set targeted search criteria and create their own lists, lead generation software opens a new world of opportunities for roofing and solar businesses. Here’s how it can transform your business.

Location-based search

For starters, lead generation software will let you search for properties in any location you want. This might sound like a basic capability, but with the right platform, you can use it to pinpoint the areas and opportunities you should focus on. 

If you’re targeting locations that have experienced a storm, you can quickly search cities and zip codes. But you can also customize your prospecting area and target specific areas by drawing search boundaries on a map. 

With this capability, you can narrow your search to a specific block, shopping center, or neighborhood. If you want to expand to a multi-zip code area, you can draw a custom search boundary for that too. There are multiple ways to quickly generate targeted lead lists in your service area.

batchleads property search storm data
Custom search areas let you target specific areas that you know have been affected by a storm.

Property and demographic information

The ability to focus on a specific area is great, but you need more if you want to truly optimize how you find roofing jobs. Lead generation software has solved this problem by giving you another layer of data: property and owner demographic information. Now you can create a list of the properties in an area and then narrow your search to the people and properties that are most likely to need your services.

First, you can filter search results based on whether they’re commercial or residential. You can also filter them based on the year they were built, square footage, features, lot size, stories, and much more. With this information, you can identify the leads you want to work and focus on the properties that are most likely to produce revenue.

You can also identify ideal owners and even locate neighborhoods worth canvassing by filtering for net worth, income, recent life events, and much more. With this in-depth combination of data, you can easily take your broad location-based lists and narrow them down to the most promising property types or neighborhoods.

Various options in batchleads property search
BatchLeads has hundreds of property and demographic filters that let you pinpoint the properties and owners you want to canvas.
Search for high net worth individuals using batchleads property search
Using the millionaire net worth filter shown above, you can locate groupings of high-net-worth individuals to identify neighborhoods that are worth canvassing.

Unlocking property owner contact information

Identifying the perfect potential jobs is a great step towards simplifying your workflow and growing your business. But if you don’t have a way to reach out to property owners, you’ll still have to devote a lot of time to pounding the pavement and knocking on doors. 

Unfortunately, this takes us back to the same issue we encountered with purchased lead lists. If you’re used to searching the web for phone numbers or calling the numbers on purchased lists, then you know finding accurate contact information is challenging.

Thankfully, quality lead generation platforms have solved this issue by giving you access to property owners’ phone numbers and email addresses in the software. Now you can contact prospects before visiting them in person and even connect with homeowners who live in gated communities. 

If you’re also doing commercial roofing, then this feature is even more important because it will simplify your entity resolution process. Normally, the people who own commercial real estate are hidden behind LLCs and trusts. Finding out who these people are and how to contact them will slow your outreach process to a crawl. But with the ability to unlock contact information while you generate leads, you can quickly connect with business owners and pitch your services to them.

In-app roofing marketing tools

With lead generation software, you finally have a solution to the age-old roofing marketing problem. Now you don’t have to visit homes and businesses in person to connect with property owners. If you choose the right lead generation platform, you’ll have a full suite of marketing tools at your disposal. 

With BatchLeads, for example, you can launch direct mail marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns, and calls from inside the app. BatchLeads also integrates with BatchDialer, a multi-line, predictive dialer that enables contractors to engage property owners at scale. With it in your corner, you can move past calling prospects one by one and speed up your lead generation process.

With all of these tools at your fingertips, an in-person meeting with a prospect doesn’t have to be your first conversation with them. Now you can break the ice, filter out uninterested prospects, and set high-intent appointments before you ever deploy a team to the area. 

Empower your lists

Have you already bought lists or built them by prospecting in the past? Lead generation software makes them even more useful than they already were. With select platforms, such as BatchLeads, you can upload your lists and watch as the system updates and enhances them with data you didn’t even know you were missing. You can also use this strategy to unlock contact data for prospects or update and verify the phone numbers and email addresses you already have. 


Roofing lead generation has traditionally been a real grind. But whether you’re fixing residential or commercial roofs, lead generation software is a more effective way to land roofing jobs than choosing a city and knocking on every door you can find.

The best part about using lead generation software is that it’s both cost effective and simple. With a platform like BatchLeads, it only takes an afternoon to teach your sales team, administrative team, and contractors how to search for jobs.

If you’re ready to see what you can accomplish in your business when you have the power of lead generation software on your side, then you’ve come to the right place. We believe that roofing lead generation should be easier, and we want to help you make that a reality in your business. 

So we want to give you a free 7-day trial of BatchLeads to help you experience the difference for yourself. If you’re ready to secure more contracts with far less work, then click here to start your free trial!

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