5 Ways To Generate Probate Leads in Real Estate

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Lead generation is the most critical part of your process when competing in today’s active real estate markets. Access to off-market leads and the knowledge to work them helps you avoid feeding frenzies that escalate property prices by stepping outside the public listings available to investors and home buyers alike. Finding leads from your local probate list is often the best way to go about this.

What Is Probate in Real Estate

Probate is formally transferring ownership of a deceased person’s property to the heirs. The courts oversee it, and in real estate, it has to do with the passage of property deeds and the sale of properties to allow heirs to divide the proceeds.

What Are Probate Leads?

When a property owner dies, and the heir or heirs inherit, they become probate leads. The term applies equally to leads generated by looking at properties currently in probate and making an offer that allows the heirs to split the cash and approach heirs who have already inherited with an offer on the recently deceased’s property.

Why Probate Leads & Properties Are Valuable To Investors

There are several reasons why these leads are precious to real estate investors, which makes understanding how to access probate leads vital.

  • Properties in probate are not on the general market yet, so competition is lower
  • They tend to be older properties that can be improved with a bit of updating
  • Sellers are often motivated to sell properties they inherit, especially if they already own homes of their own
  • There are often multiple heirs, and cash is more manageable to divide than real estate

Not every probate property is sold, but a large enough slice of them are sold, making this very fertile ground for lead generation. You need to be tactful when approaching grieving heirs while offering them a fair price and a fast close to the transaction on the probate listing.

Ways To Find Probate Leads

As you might imagine, probate leads are still competitive, so you will want to know how to get your hands on them while they are fresh. The number of investors who know to search through these leads is lower than for some other types, but those who know about these off-market leads can be diligent in their hunt. If you are wondering how to get probate listings, rely on these methods, and use them.

  1. Find the Local Probate List

Every locality has its own rules for publishing lists of probate properties. Some require a newspaper listing or an online entry in a public records database. Others might have lists managed by the city or county, which can be accessed online or off. Still others require you to search more extensive public records databases to find them.

  1. Inquire at Probate Court

Properties that go through probate must be processed through the civil court system, and court records are generally public. Visiting or calling to get a list of upcoming cases can be a great way to get a list of properties you can work as leads.

  1. Search Online Public Records

There are several ways to search probate real estate online through sites that aggregate local listings. This is especially useful if you operate nationally or work in multiple cities.

  1. Build Relationships With Local Attorneys

Estate planning and probate attorneys can be the best source of real estate probate leads you will find if you can cultivate relationships with them. They can refer people to you who have already expressed an interest in selling the properties in question. This helps screen out dead-end leads like those who intend to occupy inherited properties.

  1. Build Your Lead List With BatchLeads

Using map search and property information software to locate probate leads in your area can be the best

way to find probate listings, especially as a wholesaler. You can even skip trace owners for contact 

information in the app, allowing you to build up a library of probate listing real estate offerings and then contact the owners with direct mail or SMS messages at volume.

What Is a Probate Listing?

There is a difference between probate leads and listings. You work the leads when you reach out to potential sellers who have not put the home up for sale. If that evolves into a public listing for a property while it is still in probate, you are dealing with probate listings. They are especially attractive because they have the highest likelihood of selling below market value, so many investors attempt to move them on the wholesale market or buy and resell them after making improvements.

Key Takeaways

Maximizing your per-deal profit is easier with probate leads than just about any type because sellers are so motivated to move the property in many cases. Using tools that put you in touch with the most up-to-date listings is the best way to get ahead of the competition because it’s the best way to make contact first, which puts you in a great position to close before another bid comes in.

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