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4 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts To Increase Leads

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Successful real estate cold calling requires connecting with property owners who have some motivation to sell, but there’s more involved than just picking up the phone. Cold calling is about using sales skills, knowing what your lead wants and needs, and offering it in the right way. So to help you succeed the next time you cold call, we’ve put together 4 real estate cold calling scripts that will work for almost any scenario!

Preparing to cold call

Before you call a motivated seller, you need to prepare. Cold calling often involves calling through a long list of potential sellers, so you don’t need to have every moment of every call planned out, but you should have a general idea of the property owner’s needs before you sit down to call. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Organize your lists by distress factor or script you’ll be using
  • Have the property details readily available (BatchDialer automates this process)
  • Take a quick look at the property owner’s information before every call.

Before every call, take a deep breath to calm yourself. You don’t want to sound nervous or unsure of yourself when someone answers the phone. Also, remember that your conversation should revolve around the particular needs of the individual you call. As long as you’re prepared, calm, and confident, you can expect great outcomes because you’re calling them to offer help!

You should also be prepared for some rude responses. While they may startle you at first, don’t let rude people discourage you or frighten you away from making calls. While cold calling can be difficult, especially at first, you’ll be glad you did it when you cash a big assignment fee!

Are you ready to master the art of cold calling? Then here are four real estate cold calling scripts to cover some common homeowner circumstances.

FSBO script

A For Sale By Owner listing intends to eliminate a realtor’s fee. However, calling FSBO listings can connect you with potential clients; it’s clear they want to sell and often want to sell quickly. Focus on how you can help them get the hoped-for net amount even after taking your commission.

Introduce yourself and ask:

“Is your home still available? It’s in the area that I cover.”

Assuming an affirmative response, ask:

“What’s the selling price you’re looking for?”

Respond to the amount in a positive and enthusiastic tone:

“Well, I haven’t seen your home yet, but I deal with a large group of buyers. After seeing your house, I’m sure I can make the connection needed to get you the full amount you want.”

You may get an objection such as, “If I thought I could get the amount I need with an agent, I would have gotten one.”

Your response:

“I certainly understand, but after I see your home, I may be able to get you even more. It’s all in making the right connections, and that’s what I do. You’ll get an honest evaluation of what we can accomplish together. If I can’t deliver the amount you want, I’ll be sure to let you know.”

Expired listing script

An expired listing presents a great opportunity to generate a lead. Whether the homeowner had a falling out with their agent or didn’t receive the offer they were looking for, you know the owner is looking to sell.

Express surprise that the home wasn’t sold:

“I’ve been working in your neighborhood for a while, and it’s strange that your home didn’t sell. Do you plan to put it up for sale again?”

Unless there’s a firmly stated “no,” respond:

“I’m sure you’re disappointed about not selling. The house looks great to me; did you get any offers? Why do you think it didn’t sell?”

Learn more and then respond:

“After working in your neighborhood for as long as I have, I’m sure I can determine why your home didn’t sell after I see it in person. That would also help me match it with some of the buyers I’m working with.”

Voicemail script

Cold calls often go to voicemail, and leaving an effective voicemail requires a different approach.

Don’t let messages run over 30 seconds, keep them short and sweet:

“I’m sure I can help you sell your home, and I’d like to learn more about how I can get you the best possible price. Please call me at your soonest convenience. I can be reached at . . . etc.”

Circle prospecting script

Circle prospecting is a real estate lead generation strategy where investors contact homeowners near a specific listing. It is an excellent way to “plant seeds” in an area. 

Start by noting that a house was recently sold or listed in the neighborhood:

“I’m reaching out today because homes in your neighborhood have been selling fast and getting top dollar.”

“I was wondering if there’s anything I could do for you if you decide to buy or sell.”

If no interest is shown, respond with:

“Please keep me in mind if you should decide to buy or sell in the future. I’m familiar with the neighborhood, and I’m sure I can make the right connections for you. If you hear of anyone who may be considering buying or selling, please also keep me in mind. I’m always very appreciative of personal referrals.”

Key takeaways

Real Estate Cold calling is both an art and a science. Keep your message clear and don’t let calls get complicated or long-winded. Keep the advantages you offer upfront and focus on the potential client’s needs. Ask open-ended questions and tailor your responses to the answers. Be a good listener and remember that people like to talk about themselves when you show an interest.

Prepare for the call. Consider the circumstances related to the individual you’re calling. Start turning your call list into a predictable pipeline by arming your business with verified and trusted contact data from a reputable and proven source.

Finally, remember that cold calling is a skill that you’ll get better at with time. It may be daunting at first, but as you follow these scripts, you’ll realize it’s easier than you thought. Soon, you’ll forget that you were ever nervous to call in the first place!

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