Wholesaler Spotlight: HBHS in San Antonio, TX!

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Wholesaler Spotlight HBHS in San Antonio TX

The wholesaling community is filled with people who invest in each other, which is one of the many reasons Batch loves being involved! And on March 29, HomeBuying HomeSelling REI Association illustrated that by hosting their first Live Wholesaling event in San Antonio, TX.

HBHS brought wholesalers from across Texas together with a great idea: instead of simply hosting a networking and speaking event, why not give everyone a chance to practice their skills and land deals on-site?

To make it happen, HBHS worked with Batch to provide targeted lists so attendees could call pre-qualified owners and negotiate real deals on the spot. The HBHS team was even willing to joint venture with attendees to help them negotiate and make deals happen.

Frank Tovar, COO of HBHS explained, “We wanted to give the real estate investors something that they can actually take for themselves. Lots of times when individuals attend any type of meeting or event, they leave with great knowledge and theory but most of the time don’t take action. We wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to take action, remove all the barriers, and provide the opportunity to actually get coached, trained, and lock up deals on the spot. We, along with Batchleads, provided targeted lists for all attendees to call upon, to negotiate, and lock in a contract with the help of our acquisitions team. This was successfully done and there were zero excuses to take action.”

Their idea was a huge success. Over 220 wholesalers showed up and got to work.

“Everyone had an amazing time and learned a lot by doing,” Frank said. He added that there was a lot of buzz and great energy from the attendees because they knew they had a chance to land the kinds of deals they had been dreaming about.

And several did. As everyone got to work in the conference hall calling their lists, hands shot up as attendees found homeowners who were interested in selling.

“My favorite part,” Frank said, “was seeing everyone taking action regardless of their knowledge level. People raising their hands when they had a HOT lead on the line and having one of our team members go and assist the attendee and negotiate on the spot.”

HBHS has been following up with attendees in the days after the event, helping them finalize deals. While the resulting assignment fees are still to be decided, many of these deals look promising and have great margin potential.

Since the event was such a huge success, the HBHS team has already announced their next Live Wholesaling event, which they will host in San Antonio on June 11, 2022. The event will be an entire day of live negotiations, with attendees receiving hot and warm lead lists as well as assistance from HBHS staff!

Our recommendation: don’t miss this one. If you can get to San Antonio in June, you’ll be glad that you did. The HBHS team has more than 12 years of experience and has closed thousands of deals, so if you’re looking for help landing your first or next deal, this is the place to be.

You can find more information on the events HBHS is hosting by visiting their event calendar here.

The Batch Team wants to give a big shout-out to HBHS for their hard work and for helping over 220 wholesalers spring into action. We know wholesaling can be hard, especially for new investors, and when wholesaling pros get involved in helping out, our entire industry gets better.

So here’s some advice Frank has for any new wholesaler who isn’t sure how to jump in: “Take action; when in doubt just go ahead and pick up the phone and reach out. The only thing that the person on the other line is going to do is tell you one of three things, Yes, No, or Kick Rocks. Don’t sit on the sidelines, don’t be a spectator, you are IN the game.”



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