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Lead Generation Methods For Real Estate Investors

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Generating leads isn’t just crucial for realtors and brokers looking to make a commission off the market; it’s also a vital skill for investors seeking their next property to turn around. If you’re looking to get better intelligence about your future acquisitions so you can move on properties before there are a lot of competitive bids, you need to know how to find them. Here are a few great ways to get fresher leads more often.

Invest in Lead Generation Software

Software designed to identify motivated sellers is available and more accurate than ever. Today’s analytical tools can compare data from national property searches, neighborhood by neighborhood sales values, and other critical local factors. That way, you can identify sellers who are probably motivated to take fast offers to close quickly

Utilize the MLS Database

The Multiple Listing System is a nationwide database of properties for sale and recently sold, with all the available identifying information and photos from the listing realtor or broker. Many realtors and firms use its data in their listing apps for coverage areas because it is free. If you have a license or plan to get one, you can access the MLS directly, and you can also submit offers through the MLS database. If you have not obtained a real estate license, you can still access the MLS database with tools such as BatchLeads. With or without a real estate license, this allows you to put out more offers while doing less work per offer.

Attend Online & In-Person Real Estate Auctions

Auctions can be a great way to pick up a property at a bargain, but that isn’t the only way to turn a profit from your attendance. On top of the chance to buy inexpensive properties for flipping or rehabilitation investments, they can also provide you with leads on other properties. If you notice a pattern of auction properties in a specific neighborhood, you may find motivated sellers looking to move to an area with fewer empty houses.

Pay For Advertising

If you are buying properties and you need to find new acquisitions, the best way possible is to tell as many people who may want to sell as possible. That’s the whole point of the other lead generation methods discussed so far, so why not act on the obvious conclusion? Take out print ads or online ads targeted to local real estate keywords and make it known that you’re able to close quickly on properties. Instead of going out to make offers, you’ll have property owners coming to you to see what you can do.

Driving For Dollars

This app has revolutionized gathering property data and putting it in the hands of real estate investors at every level. Never turn down a chance to get free information, especially when it has quickly become the country’s go-to source for fast data on mobile devices.

Revisit Face-To-Face Networking

Some of the best deals you’ll find will come from other investors, so it’s worth building up that professional network and querying it when you are looking for a specific property type and value range. Often, investors wind up with buildings with high-profit potential and cannot do anything because they are too busy with prospects that are just a little better. You would be surprised how often they will want to get out from under an old property investment to move on, but you have to know them to find out when those opportunities are available.

Make Contact

It all comes down to relationships in this industry, no matter what lead generation tactics work best for you. Get in touch with the people who can give you access to the leads you need today.

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