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Real Estate Lead Generation Software Reimagined

Gavin Finch
Written by Gavin Finch 

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Property technology is changing, and it’s increasing the value of real estate lead generation and property intelligence for professionals across the real estate ecosystem.

BatchService is leading the charge, and we’re kicking it off with a brand new platform: BatchLeads 3.0!

This is the culmination of feedback from our users and top professionals in the real estate industry. With BatchLeads 3.0, we are delivering more features, better data, and more plans so you can choose the services that your business needs. No matter what part of the real estate industry you serve, you’ll find the data and features you need to take your business to the next level!

New features

BatchLeads 3.0 isn’t just a name. We’ve reimagined what real estate software can do to give users better lead generation tools, deeper property intelligence, and more efficiency than ever before. To accomplish that goal, we’ve developed some new features to help you find the property insights you need to work smarter and close more deals.

Driving for dollars

Driving for dollars has been one of the top real estate lead generation methods for years. Investors will pick a neighborhood and canvass it from their cars, looking for properties with signs of distress. 

As real estate technology has evolved, many real estate professionals incorporated virtual driving for dollars, where they used tools with map and street view capabilities that allowed them to canvass neighborhoods remotely.

These tools make it easy for investors and real estate professionals to expand to new markets, up their efficiency, and scale their teams. But they aren’t only for virtual driving for dollars. They also make traditional driving for dollars easier with simple list management tools, built-in skip tracing, and route tracking.

Now we’re bringing this capability to BatchLeads so you can canvass and manage your teams whether you’re on-site or 1,000 miles away. You can easily put your eyes on the properties you’re most interested in and quickly see factors that property details can’t tell you.

Whether you’re looking for new listings in your local area or prospecting across the country, you can use virtual driving for dollars to open up a whole new world of real estate opportunities!

Lead scoring

Organization usually defines success, so being able to sort and filter leads is essential. With our all-new lead scoring system, you have control over how you score, sort, and organize your opportunities.

Level up your lead generation by assigning scores to property and homeowner characteristics so you can immediately identify promising opportunities. Then bring lead scoring to your lists to easily sort properties so you can prioritize your marketing and sales efforts!

Mobile app

We know you’re always on the go, but that shouldn’t keep you from finding and engaging motivated sellers and distressed property owners. 

Our redesigned mobile app places the power of detailed property intelligence in the palm of your hand. It includes all the BatchLeads features you use on your desktop, meaning you can keep up with your lead generation and marketing efforts from anywhere.

Click to dial

Calling leads has always been essential to real estate marketing, but if you’re manually dialing every property owner you call, you’re losing more time than you realize.

With BatchLeads 3.0, you don’t have to ever switch to your mobile phone again to call decision-makers. Leverage our in-app softphone to call decision makers with the click of a button from inside BatchLeads! Now you have unlimited calling capabilities from your desktop and the brand new mobile app!

SMS capabilities

SMS marketing is about flexibility and efficiency. We’re bringing more of both to our platform with an expanded list of SMS integration partners. With BatchLeads 3.0, you can leverage multiple marketing channels, all from a single platform.

Smart Search (coming soon)

The only thing worse than getting to a real estate opportunity last is getting to it second. But with so many distressed properties and motivated sellers, the best deals sometimes get lost in the crowd.

Now you can harness the power of automated search and find the best opportunities as soon as they emerge.

With our new Smart Search feature, BatchLeads will combine your search criteria with motivating factors to identify leads for you. When it finds a promising match, it will add it to a list and notify you so you can start outreach immediately!

Smart Search will take the manual work out of lead generation so you can focus on contacting motivated sellers instead of developing lead lists!

New Plans

Our new features aren’t the only improvements coming with BatchLeads 3.0. We’ve also redesigned our plans to offer flexible user management, centralized billing, and separate workspaces so you can easily leverage BatchLeads no matter what size your team is.

Empower your team with Workspaces

The size of your organization shouldn’t limit your access to cutting-edge property intelligence. With Workspaces, your teams will have access to their own instances of BatchLeads so they can access the data they need without impacting each others’ work. 

Workspaces give you centralized account control while giving your teams the autonomy they need to work effectively. You can easily designate lead credits, permissions, and account access while your teams leverage BatchLeads without working on top of each other!


BatchService is dedicated to helping you grow your real estate business. Whether you’re a real estate agent, property contractor, loan officer, or real estate investor, BatchLeads 3.0 exists to help you work smarter and more effectively. 

If you’re ready to experience everything BatchLeads has to offer, click here to get started choosing from our new plans! Today is a new day for real estate professionals. We can’t wait to work with you and see your results!

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