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From Immigrant to Millionaire: How Anny Draginova Runs Multiple 7 Figure Businesses

Everyone wishes to become a millionaire, but only a handful of dedicated people turn their dreams into a reality. And in this article, we’ll tell you about someone who runs multiple successful 7 figure businesses despite being an immigrant. Yes, we are talking about Anny Draginova.

Let’s explore Anny’s story and how she broke into the Real Estate world.

Who is Anny Draginova?

Anny Draginova is the COO and one of the founding members of BatchServices (BatchLeads, BatchSkipTracing, BatchDriven and BatchDialer). Alongside her partners, she has built multiple businesses which initially started as small projects, and now, all those projects have evolved into large and profitable standalone businesses. 

A Little Bit of Her Story

You know now who Anny Draginova is, but how did she become a millionaire running multiple successful businesses? Let’s know her story. 

Anny started just after she got out of high school. Initially, she joined Papa John’s, but later, upon being asked by her dad, she decided to join him in his small construction company.   

“I started working with my family business. I had just got out of high school, and I was looking for a job. I was working at Papa John’s at the time. I was flipping pizzas, and my dad needed help in the family construction company, and it wasn’t a large Construction Company. It was just my dad, he was the only person in it, and he just needed someone to run his QuickBooks. So I stepped in. 

I thought it was more of a favor that he did to me because I couldn’t find something that I was passionate about. So I started working in the family construction company on the finance side. But it wasn’t even finance; I would get a Home Depot receipt, I would plug it in, and that was as tech as it was in the beginning. From then on, we grew it a little bit, and even my brother stepped in. He helped us grow even more. We weren’t working for just an everyday homeowner; we were working with the government.

We had contracts with the government because we knew that the government would pay. Well, at least we were hoping, and we were hoping that they would pay on time, so that grew into a massive business, but it was very transactional. We had invoices that were like $30 to $5,000, and it wasn’t something we knew how to grow.”

What Motivated Anny to Get Into the Real Estate Business?

“My family went from being well off to having nothing to now having to rebuild back everything. I think that seeing the drive in my parents wanting more for my brother and me. I think that’s more of a drive for me than anything else. I don’t think it has anything to do with us being immigrants personally. I want to have that passion for whatever I’m doing, and I see it in them every day.”  

How Did She Start Wholesaling?   

While everything with her family was going great, they didn’t know how they could grow their business, so they stepped into the flipping business. Initially, they were all doing it alone, but then they found out that they can do better and achieve more together. 

“We started flipping by ourselves. I would have a flip, my brother would have a flip going and mom and dad would have a flip here and there. It wasn’t until we did one or two flips together that we saw that we could actually conquer and achieve a lot more working together.”

In the quest of trying to make larger flipping profits, they eventually started wholesaling without knowing that wholesaling was a business in itself. And that’s how they got into Real estate wholesaling.  

So this was the story of Anny Dravignova, who is running multiple successful Real Estate businesses. If you want to connect with her, you can connect her on Instagram and Facebook.

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