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How To Make It In Real Estate Wholesaling

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Kyle Redman of BatchService and real estate investor Nate Payne share how to approach failures and setbacks, when to pivot, how to take action, and how your experiences define you. Learn more about Real Estate Nate and how he's turned wholesaling into a fulfilling career.

one thing everyone can relate to is
we've all felt the sting of hitting rock
bottom in some way shape or form
today we are going to dive into nathan
payne and how he went from rags to
riches by making one simple
flip to his mindset
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what's up entrepreneurs welcome to
another interview here on batch tv where
we help you identify the switch you need
to flip in order to unlock your full
potential today we are interviewing
nathan payne aka real estate nate from
salt lake city utah
he's the owner of utah home acquisitions
coach and mentor of
and he is one of our very own
batch affiliates so with further ado i
give you nathan payne thank you
who is real estate nate okay what should
we know about you when it comes to
the journey of becoming a successful
wholesaler and real estate agent so i
started um
like from the bottom you could say right
i had some sales skills i was a
door-to-door sales rep i i i did
door-to-door sales while i was in
college and then did a little bit after
like six years i ran
multiple teams but um
then i was kind of tired of moving
around so
because it's like a very transient
lifestyle right you go in the summers
you knock in in areas
yeah it's difficult i mean you're
literally knocking on a door a random
person's door every every like 10
seconds i guess if they don't answer and
trying to get a sale um so i did that
and then i was tired of moving once i
got married so i i went right into a
real estate my buddy who my business
partner cory his dad had been doing real
estate and i said hey corey like your
dad's been doing real estate you tried
in college you're working at a tech
company now let's let's go all in on
this wholesaling thing let's try it
so i guess in a nutshell it's who i am
i'm just a guy with zero knowledge real
estate went in and freaking figured it
out so we all know real estate investing
it's not easy right it's it's a grind
it's a great wholesaling is a grind
there's a lot of hustlers out there
so for all the people and individuals
that are struggling right we all know we
go through that struggle
i'd like to know how do you approach
failures and setbacks in your business
you know what i i love a good failure
you know really because it happens all
the time like it's going to happen it
really is in business i mean you point
me to the guy who really just knows
exactly what to do and never like like
fails him it's not going to happen in my
opinion yeah amen to that and learning
from your failures too right you know if
you fail over and over again and not
learn from it and apply exactly right
then you got a problem so
that's key so you you sent out a bunch
of mailers lost a lot of money lost a
lot of money
pivoted yeah pivoted now we're putting
that money in pay-per-click even with
texting texting right now for us we were
doing a lot of it and it wasn't hitting
as well as cold calling so we shut down
the texting we say hey let's just put
that money into cold calling it's
working better so you're always
improving and growing and and who knows
like uh you know cold calling might not
hit in six months or in a year yep then
we'll pivot but if you're not willing to
move with the ebbs and flows of the
market and like what's working you get
crushed in my opinion a lot of people i
feel you know and i think we've all been
victim of it
is is that
we don't
try to fail right you know we're scared
right you're scared to even take the
leap of faith because you're scared of
failing exactly um but you got to fail
because that's the only way you learn
right at the end of the day and that's
something i think that's who i am like
if i hear if you say hey nate you know i
tried uh i tried this and it worked for
me i'm gonna go try it yeah i'm gonna
try like because that's that's who i am
and i meet a lot of people as i told you
an i have a coach so i talked to them
and they're in analysis paralysis
they're watching i've watched tons of
videos for two years and i'm like well
have you tried just getting on the phone
they're like no and that's what it takes
and that's how i started i said when we
first started we just started knocking
doors that's what we did because i was
good at so it's like let's knock doors
and ask you if they're going to sell we
got a deal from that
when i first started that's how we got
one of our first deals um so we briefly
talked about your mastermind investor
as a mentor right what is the best
advice you can give to someone starting
out as a wholesaler or real estate
investor uh i would say take take action
imperfect action right you're not gonna
go out there and make your first cold
call you might you might get lucky and
that person want to sell right but you
got to take action and in order to learn
that's that's what i would say because
that's that's what it takes you just got
to get in there you got to throw your
your your hand in the ring or whatever
the saying is and get in it
all out massive action yeah right
massive and perfect action because it's
never going to be perfect perfect
imperfect act i agree let's go back in
time right we
i feel like every person would love to
just go back in time and
take that knowledge that they have and
and be able to use it right so if you
were to go back in time
and give yourself that upper hand right
if you could start all over again
okay from the beginning what would you
do differently
that's a really good question
it's really hard to say because i feel
like what i've learned from those
setbacks is like has made me who i am
right and uh so if i were to get rid of
those things i don't know if i would
really understand what i do now right
so but okay let's let's let's really try
hard um
i mean i love that because it's a
process it's really it is a process you
become who
who you are because of the process that
you go through yeah like for example
like we were
solely wholesalers right that's like all
we did for a long time but now we do fix
and flips whole tail rentals like
because we understand the process
from going from i feel like wholesaling
is a great avenue but i don't think
that's your end goal like you want to do
multiple avenues and multiple extra
strategies so but without doing that i
probably wouldn't have felt comfortable
doing venturing out with what we're
doing now so
if i had to go back i probably would
gotten a mentor sooner like one like a
higher level yeah mentor just so he
could because that's what they're there
for right they're they're not going to
make you succeed you have to take the
action but they will help you avoid the
yep yeah that's true and they can help
you with your learning curve exactly
there's so many people especially with
the internet out there it's it's it's
how much you can learn from somebody um
and and how much it'll help you at the
end of the day with your learning curve
right you can
take what somebody took over 10 years
right they learned in 10 years and i'm
telling you this because i've done this
myself right right 10 years of
experience and they put it into a course
right and you can learn
that course um exactly i would say in
what three months to
to a year right and then you got to
apply it so instead of going that 10
years and and going through all the
mistakes right you can learn from their
mistakes and take a year learn it and
then apply it which is which is amazing
exactly i agree with that um so i'm a
marketer i love marketing ultimate
i've been doing it for a very long time
um so what advice would you give to to
the viewers out there
um on putting out content consistently
like uh like about wholesaling or like
general yeah brand building because i
see a lot of real estate agents and
wholesalers they have this thing in
their head where they're like oh i want
to do youtube or i want to do tic tac
and i want to get information out there
but i don't know i don't know where to
start and i i then have learned that by
putting yourself out there right it gets
you a lot of deals right yeah it's it's
worked really well like uh it's helped
us raise private money like for our
deals like because people are like oh
nate you're you're doing deals like and
when i reach out and they trust me
because i see that i'm actually doing
what i say right through my posts i
would say if you want to build a brand
or or let people you just have to get
started like i started a youtube channel
like six months ago and i just put out
things that i thought would help people
like would serve people in
this industry like
that would help them grow so i don't
know if anyone cares or thinks it's good
but i was like hey i think it's helpful
so i think if you start posting or
putting out stuff that you think it
helped you or helps others and no one
watches it whatever just stay consistent
it'll it'll work out absolutely and it
really gives you
credibility and makes you that expert
right so think about the people that
aren't putting out content or don't have
a youtube channel right and then
somebody searches
their name versus nate's name right when
they find nate on youtube and they see
that he's giving out all this knowledge
right who are they gonna go with yeah
like luckily nathan payne like there's
no one else on youtube that that name so
i do come up first if you type in my
name yeah and uh i started the year out
with like 40 39 subscribers and i have
396 right now which is like you know
it's not
that crazy right but i i know through
consistency i'm going to get to a
thousand ten thousand hundred thousand
like over time it's consistency is the
key correct um so great yeah that's
that's i believe that everybody out
there should be putting out content pick
a channel and then focus on that one
channel get good at it and then you can
um hopefully either hire somebody or
bring somebody in house to then post it
everywhere right
it's all about your uh
your omni presence right and the more
channels you're you're on the better
yeah uh that's one thing the cool thing
about youtube as well is if you make a
video you can cut it into shorts or
smart solar eclipse and then put it
everywhere so that's what we've been
doing exactly you do a show like this
right you can chop this up a hundred
times put it everywhere and put it
exactly uh so you're very strict with
family time okay i try to call you yeah
after work and you just won't do it yeah
i'll try it so what are some of the tips
you can give about work life balance
um i think it's really important in this
job to have a good work life balance
because like you know sellers could if
you get due leads they can come in at
any time but you really don't want to
like uh give a
give up on your what you're really
working hard for your family to um to
you know lose that right so i i try to
do a hard stop like where it's like hey
and i'll let people know right this so i
for my students i'll just say hey i'm
available from nine to five every day
you can ask me anything you need in that
time and i'll get back to you after that
i'll get back to you as soon as i can
the next day so if you set the
it's uh everyone's okay with it right
and um i think that's that's been
helpful i i told you so you you know
where i'm at and yeah and if you tell me
your schedule i'm not gonna you know i'm
gonna respect that so
i know it's probably a little bit harder
for you know incoming leads so we have
people we hire our leads managers or
acquisitions people and we say our
expectation for hiring you is to get to
the leads when they come in right yeah
so they take that on they they
understand what they need to do so i
think it's just setting the right
expectations for everybody there you go
there you go and then that's i mean
mindset wise right like
we're all serial entrepreneurs i get it
like we want to work 24 7 365 because we
all have goals i mean we all want to
achieve those goals right but
can't forget about the outside life and
why you're working right why are you
putting in the work and that helps too
is if you understand your why why you're
doing all this like
money's great and building a legacy and
all this stuff is is what you know we're
trying to accomplish but
at the risk of losing what's really
important you got to really balance that
lose sight of that yep and they always
say right the saying is you gotta have a
why that will make you cry
that one i mean that why is when you
when you hit those failures it's gonna
keep you pushing on and on and on and on
um and when you want to give up you just
think about that why and boom back to
the plate
so the ceo of batch service all right
he has a non-negotiable okay and that
non-negotiable is he will never miss a
workout ever
ever so do you have any non-negotiables
in your personal or business i don't
work on sunday that's my non-negotiable
oh beautiful yeah beautiful i try to
keep that that's the lord's day i'm i
have a faith in
like a strong faith so um yeah that's
what that's good um so if you were gonna
give advice to your younger self okay
what would that advice be
uh my my advice to my younger self would
have been take more action because in
this industry in most industries you
find out like how do i do more deals
well i got to do more right that's
that's what it and i didn't know that
when i first started i was like you know
i'll work i'll call maybe when i was
cold calling when i first started a
couple hours a day it's like well if you
want more deals you got to get more more
calls out so that's that's what i didn't
really understand and now i understand
it's like more deals more action
what about with hiring too right more
deals more action
hiring is still something difficult
right because you can sit down and hire
someone that says everything right you
you do all your due diligence and they
just don't pan out like let me give you
an example we i had this guy came to me
says i want a wholesale but i have no
money so i was like okay um i could have
spent all this time like trying to get
him ready but and we actually did we
trained him for like two weeks before he
got the phone first time he hit the
phone he was shaking he was really
scared and he quit the next day so he
put two weeks into someone who if we
would have just put him on the phones
the first day and just say let's see if
this guy can hang it would have saved us
two weeks of all us training him yup so
yep that's true and you always got to
have a revolving door
of recruits right
you bring on ten
one to two is probably going to work out
yeah and that's that was how it was for
door door sales too you could have the
the best slickest looking guy the sweet
like the slick talker and you're like
man he's gonna be awesome but he hits
that door and he's scared he's something
he's not comfortable with and he quits
yeah so it's really hard to know yup
absolutely so you're an investor you
like to invest yes
if you were going to create another
revenue stream okay
what would you create
so we're actually creating it with some
developers it's a platform where people
can post their deals like i don't know
if you've heard of i have
yeah but like that's that's really like
where you can i would say take this to
the next level like what what
wholesalers do is they they go to
sellers and they they say hey i'm
marketing to you i would like to buy
your house but if there was a platform
where sellers could go to to be like hey
i i need to sell so pretty much sunday
has it right but like
something like that where it's like hey
i would like to sell my distressed
property quickly
that that would be like the next move
because um
we we try to reach out to people but if
there was a place that they could go and
they knew about that's what we're trying
to create
a community and also where investors can
because there's an issue with
wholesaling in is in its dispositions
it's selling your deals you have to
reach out unless you have like a great
buyers list or get great connections you
literally have to reach out like cold to
buyers be like hey buy my deal but if
there was a platform where buyers could
go to and be like hey these guys always
have great deals
then your deals would go on the platform
and without having to market and try to
find people they would all buyers would
always be looking so sunday like i said
it is got it but that's like that's
really what would take off so another
revenue stream is a platform for invest
buyers and sellers to go to a
marketplace the tech world i love the
tech world that's it all right so this
is the part of the show
where we learn
how nathan payne
flipped the switch all right so this is
this is what the show is all about
ladies and gentlemen in life successful
people i believe
they have this pivotal moment right
where they do something and it literally
changes the trajectory
of their
personal life or their business and they
have their breakout year so
my question for you is what was one of
the major changes that you made to your
life or business that helped you get to
where you are today
one of the major changes like one one of
them i would say looking at
others in the industry as uh not as not
as competition because i used to when i
first started this business it i i'm a
pretty competitive guy so i looked at
like other wholesalers in my market and
i'm like i won't forget those guys right
like they're stealing my deals right
and i'd look at like as competition and
i had a scarcity mentality right instead
of an abundance mentality but through
working with other mentor mentors i
there was like something that switched
where i was like hey i can do deals with
these people i have great buyers too
like we can joint venture i can we can
leverage each other's knowledge and um
once i started not having that scarcity
mentality everything clicked for me and
i've been doing jv deals with multiple
wholesalers um i've been networking guys
like you and and start starting i guess
to broadcast my uh
i guess my my stuff right like hey i can
help and uh we've actually been able to
help tons of people and it's that's
that's the switches when you can stop
looking at this as a scarcity and
there's abundance there's so many homes
out there everyone can succeed
absolutely if you help someone succeed
they'll they'll bring a deal for example
i have a student who at the beginning
i helped him for free for like six
months right and now after six months
just helping him he's like hey can i pay
for your coaching he basically was like
hey can i jump in so he paid and now he
we got two deals that he needs help
selling in cleveland that we're gonna
sell so we're splitting jv on that 50 50
with him so not only pay for the
coaching but we're doing deals together
and he just has a five um a five home
portfolio and he couldn't figure the
deal out on terms so we call them and
we're trying to figure out the deal so
this guy potentially as of right now not
only um you know did he get into the
coaching which is beneficial for me and
him yeah but we got seven deals we're
looking at doing with him wow and that's
all from just helping correct wow so
it's crazy and if you're a closed mind
and not open to that right yeah if you
look at if he reached out to me and i
had to close mind of being like hey man
i'm really busy i got to make some calls
i got to talk to some sellers i don't
have time for that then i would not
first of all have a good friendship or a
relationship with my boy mike he's
awesome but i would wouldn't look at me
doing more i wouldn't be doing more
deals with him didn't you go from
a moment where you were basically in
and once you once you changed that
you're able to just right away get
yourself out of debt and do like 70 i
think it was 76 000 in three months yeah
it was crazy man i was like literally in
the depths of despair like we were 50
about 50 000 in debt and we were we were
worried right because what got us in
debt just so people know is we went
nationwide on pay-per-click uh we google
ads we we just dumped a ton of money and
we would get tons of leads and we were
at the beginning we were stoked we're
like yeah we got all these people want
to sell but when you do nationwide
you're going to get a lot of leads in
areas that you can't really sell the
deals right even if people want to sell
a discount it's hard to move them so we
got a lot of those deals and we couldn't
move them so as the ad spend kept going
we weren't able to make the money back
and sell the deals so we got in that
position figured out ppc by the way we
got it figured out but in that moment we
were really in debt and then that's when
uh brandon simmons one of my mentors was
like hey you gotta flip the switch you
to like look at you can you can you have
great buyers you can help people and
that's when we did it and then
there was a deal in colorado that we
didn't have a buyer for um but because
of networking we found someone and he he
was able to buy it it was a fifty
thousand dollar deal right boom from
networking and then we did some other
deals so 76k got out of debt
and ever since then beautifully doing
well i love it i love it so network
don't be close-minded right get out
there and and
be with the people in the industry i
mean you're only going to learn and
you're only going to earn working with
each other and i would add you want to
be around people that have that same
mindset i have noticed that there are
people that have that scarcity mentality
that don't want to help others they kind
of like want to just have their own back
and you don't even want to be around
those people anymore so that's helped me
too i'm like don't waste my time with
those people like you're you're a
go-giver you're someone that wants to
we're together right so you want to
definitely surround yourself with people
that are willing to to give all right
this is my favorite part of the show
okay this is what i call rapid fire all
right so i ask you two questions okay
right you give me one answer okay i'll
try to be as quick as i can
so cash or credit
tesla or lamborghini tesla
tacos or pizza
do you kill bugs or do you take them
outside i gotta kill him
travel to the past or travel to the
street smarts or book smarts
book smarts where is your favorite city
not where you live i like vancouver
washington and not washington i'm sorry
uh canada canada beautiful they got
really good sushi there yeah beautiful
last song you have an on repeat last
song on repeat yup
i've been lost into a lot of the lord of
rings soundtrack i like yeah i like the
yeah man
when i'm at work i just listen to over
and over again right now i've never
heard that before but i own every single
lord of the rings i love lord and the
hobbit so i'm i'm right there with you
yeah man try that soundtrack it'll make
you like it
so scale from one to ten how good are
you at sports
i'd say i'm an eight an eight yeah
why you just don't have a tom brady yes
or no i'm not a big guy so it depends
what sport like in wrestling i'd
probably say like a nine
basketball maybe a seven
depends a sport got it i'm pretty
athletic i feel like crypto or gambling
crypto gambling yeah crypto crypto all
day yeah um so do you like delivery or
sit down at a restaurant i like to sit
down me too yeah me too so fill in the
blank all right
robert kiyosaki is the man
the man the goat the guy
so book every viewer should read a book
ever the slight edge
slight edge ooh that's good i don't
think i've read that one good one and
last one batch leads or batch dialer
i like batch leads a lot batch leads so
don't forget down below guys
you can get a seven day free trial of
batch leads plus 5 000 property records
on the house let's go so make sure you
guys go in the description and grab that
okay we're also on batch tv we teach you
guys how to use
batch leads okay so go down below and
grab that so here's the question of the
all right so this is the moment at the
end of the show where we ask our guests
okay nathan payne
if you were to leave one piece of advice
behind to all the young hustlers out
there okay what word of advice would you
leave for them
i actually had a podcast with my buddies
and he said this so i'm going to take it
from him because i really liked it but
he said the greater the setback the
greater the comeback
so that's just like the piece of advice
is if you're gonna have a failure
and you you overcome it or you're
willing to keep going you're gonna be
way ahead from that that setback right
so the greater the setback the greater
the comeback i i'll take that it's you
there's many ways to say it but yeah
just keep going i love it i love it like
if it for anybody in the audience
don't stop just keep learning keep going
because that's uh that's the way you
that's why you you go through go forward
in this industry hey man i love it
so how do people find you where they
find you online you know i try to be on
every platform uh but uh youtube you can
check out my youtube channel as of right
now it's nathan payne investors thrive
might change it to real estate nate
investors dive tv who knows but as right
now it's just nathan payne you can find
me on facebook i have a real facebook
group that's free it teaches a lot of
wholesaling and investing for free in it
it's called the wholesaling real estate
mastermind i created that facebook group
because i wanted people to have a
community where they could ask questions
for for free and then my my coaching is
is i kind of like have placed it where
it's like hey i'm going to give you as
much information as you need so you can
go on by yourself but if you'd like
someone to kind of help you along your
journey and and help you avoid those
pitfalls and
you know
shorten the learning curve that's when
i'd like to work with you but i'm not
trying to like take people who aren't um
i guess willing to take action and yeah
you know
to do what it works but anyway so
facebook instagram real estate nate
underscore 88 um wait real estate nate
no it's real estate underscore nate 88.
i had to make it funky because uh you
know there's a lot of real estate nate's
out there apparently but yeah you guys
can find me on those are main ones
facebook youtube
instagram there's a lot of them so well
thank you for your time nate appreciate
it anytime it's been fun it's been good
a lot of education for all the viewers
out there thank you all for being a part
of our show flip the switch until next
as jesse would say let's get it

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