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Are you overpaying for unreliable property and homeowner information? With pay-as-you-go and subscription offerings, ListBuilder gives you affordable access to the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive data source.

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Customizable marketing lists

Customizable Marketing Lists

Become the ultimate marketing concierge

Become the leading provider of marketable property data for business partners or clients. Leverage ListBuilder’s in-depth filters to create custom lists in minutes.


Create niche lists at lightning speeds with a virtually limitless combination of search options.

Flexible pricing

From pay-per-record options to annual subscriptions, we offer pricing plans to match your needs.

On demand

Export and share lists with business partners or clients at the click of a button.

Customizable marketing lists

Industry-leading insights

Engage directly with property owners

Supplement your lists with industry-leading property owner contact information, property details, and owner insights so you can market confidently and run campaigns that drive results.

Property details

Uncover properties that meet your needs by leveraging verified public records data.

Owner insights

Compile opportunities based on financial and demographic information.

Contact information

Launch calling campaigns without worrying about rows full of wrong numbers

Property Profiles
What used to take our users 30 minutes now takes them 30 seconds.

How Crexi leveraged hyper-accurate property owner data to create a faster entity resolution process.


BatchData’s key differentiators​

Drastically improved the entity resolution process
Provides industry-leading right-party contact data
Offers the most complete owner contact information
Export and Share Real Estate Data

Comprehensive Property Data

Enhance the value of your leads

Get marketable insights like recent life events, financial indicators, and local market trends by leveraging more than 300 property, financial, and demographic filters.

Life events

Discover growing families, aging homeowners, and tired landlords.

Financial indicators

Identify homeowners who are facing financial challenges and are motivated to sell.

Local market trends

Harness the power of MLS data to discover listing statuses and recent sales.

Export and Share Real Estate Data

Phone and Address Verification

Set a new standard for campaign performance

Eliminate wasted resources and maximize connect rates by verifying phone numbers, mailing addresses, and line types while avoiding known litigators and numbers on the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry.

Phone and address verification

Reduce wasted time and resources by automatically scrubbing your lists for undeliverable numbers and addresses.

Known litigators and National DNC Registry

Shield your business from lawsuits and fines by removing people who don’t want to receive calls.

Line types

Segment your campaigns and determine the best time to call based on phone type.

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