How to Start Real Estate Wholesaling: The Ultimate Guide


You’ve little to no money but want to plunge into the real estate world. So what option do you have? While there are many ways to get started in the real estate industry, real estate wholesaling is the one that requires minimal capital.  In a nutshell, real estate wholesaling is the process of finding a […]

6 Quick Strategies To Find Cash Buyers For Wholesale Deals


Cash buyers for wholesale deals are like oxygen for human beings. Basically, it’s what keeps wholesalers thriving. You think that’s an exaggeration? A bit maybe, but it is important. Not many in the business can contest this truth, as cash buyers are the ones who get the property moving like I said. It’s just so […]

How To Become a Real Estate Influencer in 2021


Imagine this, people are coming to you, your inbox is full of inquiries, and you’re getting a significant number of clients every month for your real estate business. Does that sound crazy to you? If it does, let me tell you something, this can be real.    This happens only when you establish yourself as a […]