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How to Use Property Liens to Find Off-Market Leads

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As an investor, the one thing you want to avoid are unwanted surprises. In this video, we’ll help you learn more about property liens and how you can use a tool like BatchLeads to find (or avoid) properties with liens.

You know what I don't hear many investors talking about?

Leens, which I think is so crazy considering how much these can seriously impact your deals.

Everybody. Welcome to batch TV. My name's Landry, and I'm the community manager with batch service. Today, we're breaking down what Alene is, how you can find this data, you can avoid it if you want to. Check this out.

So let's start with what Aileen is. This is basically where there's a legal claim against an asset that's been used as collateral for a debt. In other words, this gives lenders a claim over a property to ensure that a debt is paid. They also have the right to stop a property from selling or to seize it and sell it if necessary to pay that debt.

So as you can imagine that's a big deal. And you wanna be able to know about that before you make offers on properties that you're interested in. We'll go into different types of liens and all that good stuff too. But let's go into my batch leads account.

So in batch leads, you're able to go to a section property search and this is where you're able to pull list of data of sellers and buyers. So I'm going to go into an example in searching for the city of Phoenix. You can do this in a county, a zip code, or even draw out a boundary, depending on what you're wanting to do. But I'm gonna do Phoenix because I'm familiar with that you.

And what the system will do before applying any filters is it will just give you the grand total on the right. So there's over hundred and forty six thousand properties found in Phoenix, but I want to narrow this down. So you're gonna find the quick filter section at the bottom which will give you a leans box to the very right that you can click on and start looking at those. But me personally, that's a really big list of thirty four thousand properties, and it's just not specific enough for me. So I'm gonna go to this blue filter button at the top of the screen.

And there's so many different things you can do here. So really take your time, especially if you're new to batch leads, and be patient with yourself there's so much you can utilize and you don't wanna miss out on any of these data points. But I'm gonna start with property characteristics and make sure that I'm only looking for residential single family homes for now. You can do whatever you're looking for commercial, multifamily, and so on.

But I also want to finding older homes. This is just my preference. Maybe I have a buyer that is fix and flipping, and they're looking for older homes that need some work, I'm gonna say you're built as nineteen ninety as the max and everything underneath. There's other things too like square footage and so on.

But we're gonna go to MLS status and make sure that I'm finding off market properties. So let's say in this scenario that I am the list because I am trying to target people with liens because there's multiple parts of why it could be good and why not is if somebody has enough equity within their property, but they're also being threatened with foreclosure that could motivate them to sell at a discount. So I'm able to help them get out of that but also invest in that property. But on the other side of things, if somebody doesn't have enough equity to cover their lien, their mortgage, I don't wanna have to end up with paying a sum on top of that to obtain that property.

So I'm gonna move on now to eventually this equity right here, I can make sure that I'm only finding people that have high equity, which is really big, but let's go down to ownership info next.

Let's say that I am looking for properties that have own for a fair amount of time just to narrow this down and you can change things and take them off just depending on the results you get. So I'm gonna do a minimum of seven, but we can always come back to this. Now there is a lean and bankruptcy section. I sometimes like to just use the quick filter off to the right after I apply these more foundational filters.

But if you did want to narrow this down, which I might just for the sake of this example, to find people with a certain lien amount, a certain lien type, this is where it gets into so many different types of liens. It could be even like if you're a contractor using batch leads, you might want to completely avoid people that a mechanic's lane. Those are people that have a legal claim that they haven't paid somebody that has provided contracting services. Now can find people that aren't paying their taxes and they have a lien as a result of that and so much more.

I'm gonna leave this alone for now, or I'll just select all of I'm just gonna look for everybody that has a lien. And I might do an amount just for this, you know, other times I might leave it alone, but I really wanna find people that have that recorded for me in data to share. So let's say that we're looking for somebody, I'm just going to put a random number on here and say a minimum lean amount just to show what I'm breaking down here of forty thousand dollars. And then there is the equity section here, so I'm gonna make sure that I'm finding people that have high equity.

I'm gonna do fifty percent so that they're able to cover those liens that they have should they be interested in selling their home. There's other filters here that you can definitely jump into in your own account, but let's go ahead and apply this.

Click apply and see what we get.

This is a really really narrowed down lists, so I could always take off the lien amount or anything like that to get a larger list. But just to really share what information you're gonna looking at. So I'm gonna click on this address and you'll find a foreclosure and lien section over to the right it's applicable to them, which, of course, were focused on this.

And they actually have all of the above, active pre foreclosure also have liens and also have filed for bankruptcy. So a very, very distressed situation.

But here you can see that the amount on this is almost forty four thousand dollars on their property. That is so important to take into account that's going to have to be factored in your contract and trying to get a deal done with this property, because the fact of the matter is that they still owe that sum. And then also you'll be wanting to keep in mind the equity that they have or their loan balance that they still have on the property if applicable.

So under sale and loan, I can see what their loan balance is currently. Loan balance is over three hundred and forty four thousand dollars, which is such a big deal. So this is why coming into looking at this information on their property on what their loan balance is because that's gonna obviously still have to be paid off. Of course, there's different strategies in real estate, but just thinking about if you were to wholesale this, you really, really need to be making sure that you have visibility into the information here so that after you run your numbers and you do your comps and it makes sense and that it's an actual deal rather than getting all the way to the title company and realizing there's a bunch of liens. You want to know this stuff before you make an offer.

So looking at that information is huge. When you're ready to save these properties. I know that this is a really small list, so I could always take off certain filters to, like, the loan amount to get something a little bit larger in here. Let's just take that off for now.

So now instead of nineteen, now we're looking at five thousand four hundred. So I really narrowed that down with a certain price just to show you that you can do that. But when you wanna save a list like this into your account, click select in the top right hand corner, select everything you see, whatever is or a custom number, click add and then save it into a list and a tag. I would probably put this into some sort of leans list that I have in account, and I'd probably put a tag indicating where I got the data, like Phoenix, Arizona, when and put the date in May of twenty twenty three.

So in conclusion, these can be very motivated sellers because they are being threatened with something, you know, to take their property away. So having that motivation to sell below or add a discount if they are to, but on the other hand, you don't want to be surprised when you get so close to closing the deal and realize that you would have to actually pay a sum out of pocket to obtain that property. So I hope that this video was helpful and gave you some insight on maybe a different type of list you can start pulling at people you can target in a certain type of situation, or people that you might just want to completely avoid altogether.

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